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Durham University

Department of Chemistry

Optical and Molecular Electronics

Some examples of current projects involving researchers in the Departments of Chemistry at Durham include:

  • Karl Coleman and Dagou Zeze (Engineering) - "Carbon nanotube networks and conducting films"
  • Karl Coleman and Lian Hutchings - "Carbon nanotube composites"
  • Paul Low, Andrew Beeby, and Todd B. Marder - "Synthetic, structural and photophysical behaviour of aryleneethynylenes and related conjugated systems"
  • Lars-Olof Pålsson and Andrew Beeby - "Luminescence imaging and microscopy of bio-active systems."
  • Lars-Olof Pålsson, John M. Sanderson and Neil R Cameron - "Phase separation in polymers and biological membranes studied with optical microscopy"
  • Gareth Williams - "High intensity luminescent metal complexes as triplet-harvesting agents for organic light-emitting devices"
  • Gareth Williams and Lars-Olof Pålsson - "Development of platinum and iridium compounds as time-resolved imaging agents"