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Durham University

Department of Chemistry


  • Varian VNMRS-700
  • Varian VNMRS-600
  • Varian Inova-500
  • Bruker Avance-400 (x2)
  • Varian Mercury-400
  • Varian Mercury-200

Solid State Superconducting NMR spectrometers

  • Varian/Chemagnetics InfinityPlus 500
  • Chemagnetics CMX200
  • Varian Unity+ 300

Mass spectrometers

GC and direct solids probe MS for volatile and thermally stable molecules

  • Xevo QToF (Waters) tandem mass spectrometer equipped with Atmospheric Pressure Gas Chromatography (APGC) and Atmospheric Solids Analysis Probe (ASAP) ion sources.
  • QP2010-Ultra (Shimadzu) GC EI/CI quadrupole MS

Solution inlet API MS for larger molecules that may be labile or relatively involatile

  • Synapt G2s (Waters) UPLC ES MS/MS (also with ASAP and MALDI ion sources). This high resolution mass spectrometer is capable of both Collision Induced Dissociation (CID) and Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) tandem MS and Ion Mobility Separation (IMS)
  • QToF Premier (Waters) high resolution, accurate mass UPLC ES MS/MS
  • LCT Premier XE (Waters) high resolution, accurate mass UPLC ES MS (also with ASAP ion source)
  • TQD (Waters) UPLC ES MS/MS


  • Autoflex II ToF/ToF (Bruker)
  • Synapt G2s (Waters) – as mentioned above - high resolution tandem mass spectrometer with Ion Mobility Separation (IMS)