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David Parker wins prestigious award

(23 May 2012)

The 5th LeCoq de Boisbaudran Award will be presented at the International Conference on f Elements, ICFE-8, at Udine (Italy), August 26-31, 2012 to Professor David Parker “in view of his outstanding and far-reaching contributions to the field of bio- analyses and bio-imaging”. The award is bestowed triennially, is sponsored by a company interested in rare earths, and is given for "an outstanding and long-lasting contribution to the science and/or technology of the f-elements”.

Paul-Emile LeCoq de Boisbaudran, who was born in Cognac in 1838 and died in Paris in 1912, did not get any higher education (he did not seek any either). He nevertheless discovered three elements, gallium in 1875, samarium in 1879, and dysprosium in 1886. He was instrumental in crystal chemistry and in applying physical methods to chemistry, particularly electrolysis and spectroscopy; he built a systematic data bank of spectral lines for instance. He also had several winning controversies with Crookes.