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Department of Chemistry

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BSAC Grant to Develop Next Generation Antibiotics

The rising prevalence of antibiotic resistance has increased the need for research on novel antimicrobials to replace or complement current treatments for infectious diseases. The challenge lies in finding new molecules with novel modes of action. To tackle this challenge Dr Steven Cobb (Chemistry) and Dr Fionnuala Lundy (Centre for Infection and Immunity, Queens University Belfast) have been awarded a grant from the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC - 

(20 Jan 2016)

Newton Fund Scheme for Centre of Soft Matter

The Durham Centre for Soft Matter was awarded funds (£120,000) from the Newton Fund International PhD Partnering Scheme last November, to establish a PhD student exchange program with a consortium of South African universities, coordinated by the University of Stellenbosch, who received a similar sum of money. The aim of the Scheme is to facilitate the building of sustainable, long-lasting links between UK and international Research Organisations to support the training of PhD students and the development of an international cohort of early career researchers with the skills, links and contacts to operate in the global research environment.


(2 Feb 2016) » More about Newton Fund Scheme for Centre of Soft Matter

Simon Beaumont on Next-Generation Catalyst Design

Exciting work from Simon Beaumont’s group (as part of a collaborative research team comprising researchers at Aston and Leeds universities) has just been published in the high-impact journal Nature Materials.

The study reports the successful selective dual-functionalisation of porous materials with a high degree of spatial control over where each functionality is located (selectively to either large or small pores). The value of these new materials is demonstrated as unusually selective catalysts for an otherwise challenging one-pot oxidation of cinnamyl alcohol to cinnamic acid.

(17 Nov 2015) » More about Simon Beaumont on Next-Generation Catalyst Design