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Chemistry: Laser Spectroscopy and Dynamics

Welcome to the Durham Laser Spectroscopy and Dynamics Group 


Our research is based around studies in the area of chemical physics which involves laser chemistry, spectroscopy and dynamics, reactive scattering and the study of ultra-cold molecules. Our groups use a number of different experimental techniques (in both the gas- and condensed-phases) which include cavity ring down spectroscopy, laser induced fluorescence, velocity map imaging, electrospray ionisation and molecular beam techniques to study fundemental chemical processes. 

At present the Durham LS&D group consists of three physical chemistry research groups: Dr. David Carty, Dr. Jan R. R. Verlet and Dr. Eckart Wrede. The navigation bar on the left provides access to a more in depth look at each of the LS&D group members research interests.

Research Interests


Dr. David Carty
  • Ultra-cold molecules
Dr. Jan R. R. Verlet
  • Anions in water clusters
  • Second-harmonic generation at aqueous interfaces
  • Time-resolved photoelectron imaging of complex anions
  • Ultrafast dynamics of electron transfer
Dr. Eckart Wrede
  • Reactive scattering of Rydberg atoms
  • Ultra-cold molecules
  • Cavity ring-down spectroscopy
  • Classical studies of reaction mechanisms

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