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Department of Chemistry


Seminars are usually held on Wednesday at 13:00 in CG60, but you should check the seminar details for exceptions.

Prof. Ken Waugh : a Career in Chemical Catalysis

Presented by Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes, A One-day Symposium

20 September 2017 10:05 in St. John's College, Durham University

Like us, you will have been very sad to have heard the news that Ken Waugh passed away earlier this year. Ken’s research, in the area of catalysis, coupled with his clear and logical thinking, led him to develop extremely elegant industrially-relevant heterogeneous catalysts.

To celebrate Ken’s significant contributions to heterogeneous catalysis, we are organising a one-day chemistry symposium here in Durham on Wednesday 20th September 2017, kindly sponsored by the Applied Catalysis Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and SurCat.

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