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Department of Chemistry


Seminars are usually held on Wednesday at 13:00 in CG60, but you should check the seminar details for exceptions.

Interactions of hydroxyl radicals with molecular partners

Presented by Professor Marsha Lester, University of Pennsylvania

22 June 2017 11:00 in CG85

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Lanthanide Based MRI Probes for A-beta-Amyloid

Presented by Professor Carlos FGC Geraldes, Coimbra, PortugalCOFUND Senior Fellow

27 June 2017 12:00 in CG60

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Hydrogen-bonded Polymeric Materials For 3D Printing and Water Purification

Presented by Prof Chenfeng Ke, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire

30 June 2017 13:00 in CG141

Lunch will be available from 12.30

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Chiral Sensing of Amino-Acids in Water Using Circularly Polarised Luminescence

Presented by Prof Munetaka Iwamura, University of Toyama, Japan

5 July 2017 12:00 in CG60

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Strategies for the Development of Lanthanide-Based Chemosensors

Presented by Prof Kellie Tuck, Monash University, Australia

13 July 2017 12:00 in CG60

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Prof. Ken Waugh : a Career in Chemical Catalysis

Presented by Centre for Sustainable Chemical Processes, A One-day Symposium

20 September 2017 10:05 in St. John's College, Durham University

Like us, you will have been very sad to have heard the news that Ken Waugh passed away earlier this year. Ken’s research, in the area of catalysis, coupled with his clear and logical thinking, led him to develop extremely elegant industrially-relevant heterogeneous catalysts. Though much understated by Ken himself, these findings, coupled with his detailed mechanistic insight, have had a profound impact across heterogeneous catalysis and beyond. Ken was also a firm believer in the importance of under- and post-graduate chemistry and was a dedicated, humorous and thought-provoking teacher.

To celebrate Ken’s significant contributions to heterogeneous catalysis, we are organising a one-day chemistry symposium here in Durham on Wednesday 20th September 2017, kindly sponsored by the Applied Catalysis Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and SurCat. The speakers are: Prof. Richard Catlow (University of Cardiff and University College, London), Dr Sam Wilkinson (Johnson Matthey), Dr. Javad Tabatabaei (Johnson Matthey), Dr Ben Parnham (Johnson Matthey), Dr Simon Beaumont (Durham University), Prof. Chris Hardacre (Manchester University) and Prof. Peter Gardner (University of Manchester).

If you are interested in attending the meeting please complete the registration slip and return it to Mrs Irene Harries (Chemistry Department) by mail or email ( as soon as possible; places are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis (Deadline Monday 4th September 2017). This event to celebrate Ken’s career is free to attend, however, registration is essential. Note: there is also a poster session for PhD students, again, on a first-come, first served basis. A short (1/2 page) abstract) should be enclosed with your registration form and applicants will be informed in August if they have a poster place.

Accommodation is available (B&B) for the night of Tuesday 19th September and/or the night of the 20th September in St. John’s College at a cost £38 for a standard bedroom and £48 for an en-suite, per person per night. Please quote your requirements on the form below.

We look forward to seeing you in Durham in September.

Dr Phil Dyer & Prof. Andy Whiting

10.00 Registration, coffee and posters

10.30 Welcome and general ‘About Ken: a career in science’
10.40 Professor Richard Catlow (University of Cardiff and University College, London) ‘TBA’
11.30 Dr Simon Beaumont (Durham University) ‘Spectroscopies for improved heterogeneous catalyst

12.20 Lunch and posters

1.20 Professor Peter Gardner (Manchester University) ‘From catalysis to cancer, using advanced
vibrational spectroscopy’
2.10 Dr Javad Tababataei & Dr Ben Parnham (Johnson Matthey) ‘Understanding deactivation
mechanisms of a supported Cu hydrogenation catalyst in the JM-Davy 1,4-butanediol process’

2.50 Tea and posters

3.30 Dr Sam Wilkinson (Johnson Matthey) ‘Exploring the reaction mechanism of copper-based methanol
synthesis catalysts using feed switching experiments’
4.10 Professor Chris Hardacre (Manchester University) ‘Developing an understanding of thermal and non-
thermal plasma catalytic reactions’

5.00 Wine reception

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