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Department of Chemistry

EDI Committee

  1. Karl Coleman (HoD)
  2. Jon Steed: Professorial Staff
  3. Colin Bain: Professorial Staff (Dean, University Research Committee)
  4. Andy Hughes: Director of Education
  5. Andrew Unwin: Senior Administrator
  6. Pippa Coffer: Teaching staff
  7. Catherine Heffernan: PSS
  8. Mathew Kitching: Research Fellow
  9. Alyssa-Jennifer Avestro: Research Fellow
  10. Russell Taylor: Lecturer
  11. Aileen Congreve: SRO
  12. Richard Thompson: SRF
  13. Martin Walker: PDRA
  14. Kevin Mason: PDRA
  15. Stefanie Freitag-Pohl: PDRA
  16. Alexandra Tyson: PhD
  17. Charlotte Ayres: PhD (just returning from maternity leave)
  18. Laura Jennings: PhD
  19. Alice Harden: PhD
  20. Lewis Robinson: Undergraduate
  21. Alexandra Graham: Undergraduate
  22. Sharon Cooper (past chair)
  23. Rachel Dickins Admin staff and secretary to SAT committee
  24. Ritu Kataky (chair)