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Durham University

Department of Chemistry

Solution State NMR Service


Solution-state NMR is a widely used technique for characterising compounds. The nuclei of certain isotopes possess spin angular momentum ("spin") and the interaction of this spin with radio frequency radiation in the presence of a magnetic field provides a probe which is uniquely sensitive to the chemical environment, connectivity and topology of the various nuclei present.

The NMR service is extremely well equipped, having seven spectrometers housed in a purpose-built suite. The seven spectrometers (and their corresponding proton resonance frequencies) are:

Services Available

Our primary objective and priority is to support the research activities within the Department of Chemistry, however we aim to offer a flexible and responsive service to industry where possible. We can routinely offer normal one-dimensional spectra for proton, carbon, fluorine, phosphorus, boron and silicon, and a range of two-dimensional proton-proton and proton-carbon correlation experiments. Experiments at temperatures other than ambient (in the range 200 to 400 K) and on other nuclei are also possible - for more details contact the service manager.