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Department of Chemistry

Atomic Force Microscopy

Service Manager: Dr. Richard Thompson


The 'AFM' instrument is a Digital Instruments Nanoscope IV scanning probe microscope.  It is equipped with 'E' and 'J' type scanners that are capable of scanning 15 × 15 micron and 200 × 200 micron areas respectively.  The standard tip holder assembly may be used for tapping mode AFM, contact mode AFM and lateral force microscopy.  These have been used for a wide variety of surface topography and surface friction measurements.  We also have a fluid cell for examining samples under wet environments, which has been applied to study lipid layers adsorbed on mica substrates.  Other options include a high speed scanning head, sample temperature control system and STM attachment.

Contact Details

Dr Pamela Robinson
Analytical Services Coordinator
+44 (0)191 334 4646