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Cobb Research Group


Cobb Group Publications* [*not including conference papers, book chapters or patents][For Postdoc and PhD publications please see Web of Science or ResearchID]


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Book Chapters/ Patents

Cobb SL and Sit C, Chapter - Anti-infective peptides, 2015, ‘Advances in the Discovery and Development of Peptide Therapeutics‘, Future Science Group Publishing.

Cobb SL, Bolt HB, UK PATENT APPLICATION NUMBER 1513444.8 (July 2015)

Cobb SL, Coxon CR, Sandford G, Peptide Stapling, International (PCT) Patent Application No. PCT/GB2015/051543

Cobb SL, Coxon CR, Sandford G, Peptide Functionalisation - International (PCT) Patent Application No. PCT/GB2015/051542