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The Centre for Foreign Language Study

Evening course formats

The Languages for All programme comprises a series of non-credit-bearing language courses open to Durham University staff and students (from Durham City and Queen's Campus), and members of the public. We offer four extra-curricular learning formats of differing durations. Languages available are Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Bengali, Persian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Language Development Courses | 9 weeks (18 hours) | £125

This format offers learners the opportunity to study in shorter blocks. There are more frequent start dates (early October, early January and early June) meaning language ability can be progressed with a flexible schedule. Courses comprise one 2-hour evening class per week. Two Language Development courses are equivalent to one Language Progression course.

The next programme of Language Development courses will commence in January 2018. Registration is now open.

Language Progression Courses | 18 weeks (36 hours) | £225/£200*

Currently our most popular format, these courses are ideal for learners who wish to improve their language skills, but have other commitments that may limit study time. They comprise one 2-hour evening class per week, and a minimum of 2 hours of independent learning between classes.

*£200 fee applies to Durham University staff and students. £225 fee applies to members of the public.

The next programme of Language Progression courses will commence in January 2018. Registration is now open.

Intensive Language Courses | 9 days (36 hours) | £200

These courses cover the same content as the Language Progression courses but delivered intensively over 9 consecutive week days. Each day comprises 4 hours of learning, equivalent to studying two sessions of the Language Progression course per day. They take place in the window between the end of examinations and the issue of results in June each year.

The next programme of Intensive Language courses will commence in June 2018.

Language Accelerator Courses | 20 weeks (60/40 hours depending on level) | £350

These courses follow the same curriculum as our credit-bearing modules. Designed for the more committed or motivated language learner, they are most suitable for those who wish to develop their language ability more quickly, or for a particular purpose. Stage 1 and 2 courses comprise of one 2-hour evening class, plus an additional one hour tutorial each week. Stage 4 courses comprise of one 2-hour evening class. Learners are expected to undertake independent study of typically 4-5 hours per week.

The next programme of Language Accelerator courses will commence in October 2018.

Five key reasons to learn a foreign language

  1. Lack of ability in foreign languages is reported to cost the UK economy £48 billion in lost business
  2. 80% of world trade is accounted for by non-English speaking countries
  3. 74% (and rising) of all content on the internet is in a language other than English
  4. Improves cultural awareness and builds relationships
  5. Communication with partners and customers in their own language removes obstacles and opens doors