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The Centre for Foreign Language Study

Courses for Durham Students

“The profile of high achieving, highly employable graduates is typified by a willingness to study and work internationally. Mobility is regarded as a desirable norm. ”

British Academy

Every Graduate a Linguist.....

Durham University encourages all students to be culturally aware and internationally mobile. At a time when 80% of global business activity takes place between countries whose first language is not English, linguistic ability is a vital workplace skill. In a world where 50% of the global population function in two or more languages on a daily basis, Durham University would like its students and its alumni to be comfortable operating in such an environment, and to take advantage of the social, cultural and professional opportunities provided by an improved knowledge of the language and culture of other people.

The Centre for Foreign Language Study offers language learning options for all students who are not taking a single or joint honours degree in Modern Languages & Cultures. Durham University operates a diverse and flexible range of language learning options to suit the needs of as many students as possible. This includes options to take language modules for credit against your degree, evening classes, especially to support those wishing to take periods of Study or Work Abroad.

The UK has for many years remained complacent about the value of language learning. Your time as a student at University provides the opportunity to develop such skills - increasingly essential to operate internationally.

Why learn a foreign language?

Language ability is becoming a basic requirement for a 21st-century career, and a vital workplace skill. Employers are seeking employees with an international outlook, a global mindset and cultural intelligence. The ability to speak more than one language with some degree of competence is a huge asset.