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Durham University

The Centre for Foreign Language Study

Credit Bearing Modules in Foreign Languages

We offer a wide range of credit bearing language modules. All are open to Durham University undergraduate and taught postgraduate students, providing they take no more than 30 credits below their level of study, and subject to individual degree programme regulations. There are some additional limitations on registration to elective language modules. Please check your eligibility by checking these restrictions.

Registration is online via DUO/Banner Self-Service. Please see details of all available modules. In addition students will need to complete and submit a Language Declaration Form*.

Any students with questions about modules or about the registration process, any students wishng to change module, or in need of any further information about elective language modules, are requested to email

Due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, any language consultations will be undertaken on-line or via email.

*When completing your language declaration form, please ensure that you first download the form and save a copy locally (on your hard drive or desk top etc). Then fill it in, save again and send to us. Sometimes we can have difficulty viewing forms if they are filled in within a browser rather than a PDF reader, or if completed in Apple Preview on a Mac computer, therefore please avoid this. Thank you.

Important update - September 28th 2020

Demand for our credit-bearing modules is exceptionally high, with some modules now full, and others close to reaching capacity. Places are therefore limited. If you intend to register for a module and have not yet done so, please apply as soon as possible and submit your language declaration form.

Further information about course structure will be made available later this week.

Any enquiries should be sent to Please note that we are experiencing a high volume of enquiries. We will reply as soon as possible, however your patience is appreciated.

Why study a language module?

In our globalised and increasingly interconnected world, the ability to communicate in more than one language offers significant professional, social and personal benefits.

Demand for employees who are multilingual is ever growing. Learning a language will afford you a competitive edge in today’s crowded job market, enabling you to seize career opportunities around the globe. Candidates with language skills are highly desirable to employers who increasingly require employees who can communicate confidently with foreign customers, clients and suppliers, and offer the potential to build relationships in new markets.

Learning another language also broadens your perspective and view of the world. You will be exposed to foreign literature, newspapers, films and music which will offer an insight into the culture, history and politics associated with the target language.

It certainly isn’t just about simply knowing the right words to communicate. You will be intellectually and culturally enriched, and able to make deeply meaningful connections with people around the globe.

Our modules require commitment, including a high level of personal motivation towards independent study. The pace is fast, the courses are challenging and the rewards are high.

Which languages are available?

For 2020-21 we are offering modules in Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Our modules are generally aligned with the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), with levels from A1 (Beginner) to, in some languages, C1 (Advanced).

Please see the registration page for full details of modules expected to be available for 2020-21.

Where and when does teaching take place?

Each module is worth 20 credits [10 ECTS] and is taught over 20 weeks, from October to May.

CFLS modules are taught in similar manners according to level and language:

Stage 1 usually one 2-hour seminar per week; one 1-hour language lab per week (two 1-hour seminars in some modules)

Stage 2 two 1-hour seminars per week, one 1- hour language lab per week or per fortnight (subject to language).

Stage 3 two 1-hour seminars per week, one 1- hour language lab per fortnight

Stage 4 two 1-hour seminars per week

Stage 5 two 1-hour seminars per week

Stage 6 two 1-hour seminars per week.

Our language modules have no lectures.

Classes comprise learning in the 4 main skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as a thorough grounding in grammar). It is expected that students will typically undertake 5 hours of independent study per week outside classes, in line with other University modules. Most classes take place in Elvet Riverside.

Language Coordinators

Mr Abed al Zuweiri

Room ER261

Dr Li Li
Room ER260

Mrs Anna Johnston
Room ER260

Dr Alex Burdumy
Room ER218

Mrs Giusy Stott
Room ER261

Dr Kaoru Umezawa
Room ER218

Dr Yoonjoung Choi

Room ER209


Dr Marion Coderch
Room ER270