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Durham University

Careers & Enterprise Centre

SEOTY Awards winners 2018

On Campus: Above & Beyond Team

The Maths and Stats Lab Tutors (Changyung Park, Galane Luo, Sam Jackson, Jonathan Owen, Yung-Lin Wang, Angela Papazian, Andres Olivares - Del – Campo, Daniel Kinch, Iman Al-hasani)

Nominated by Eleanor Loughlin, Academic Skills

“In addition to the scheduled drop-in sessions, the tutors' commitment is evidenced by their excellent record of being responsive to the needs of individuals and groups of students”

“In feedback over the past years, 5 students have asserted that without the support of the Maths and Stats Lab tutors, they would have seriously considered giving up their course”

On Campus: Commercial Impact

Matthew Westby & Harry Bridger – Hatfield bar Senior Supervisors

Nominated by Darryl McNary, Line Manger, Hatfield College

“Matthew and Harry have excelled in their joint roles, making a good profit within the first year of their role by implementing new procedures and creating a great environment for the students main recreational area”

On Campus: Step up to Leadership

Mahtab Morovat – Student Teacher

Nominated by Phillip Warwick, Durham University Business School

Mahtab has been eager to facilitate the communication and positive relationships with students. She responded to questions above and beyond what we would expect from a student tutor”

“Mahtab contributed valuable ideas for the development of two new seminars for the Organisational Behaviour module. Again, she was very sensitive to student needs in this context, realising that (a) they were looking for more guidance related to the module assignment and that (b) intercultural issues regarding one seminar topic needed to be taken into account and improved”

On Campus: Job Shop

Ana Maria Cirstea – Marketing and Administration Assistant

Nominated by Laura Dorian, Line Manager, Careers & Enterprise Centre.

“Ana Maria has greatly assisted us in developing our social media profiles, because of her innovation the posts are now informative and engaging”

“She takes minimal direction, asks pertinent questions and is passionate about marketing the service for the benefit of students. She is an excellent ambassador for the employability skills and potential of Durham students, for employers”

On Campus: Employer of the Year

Sue Wilson – Fairs & Finance Coordinator

Nominated by Craig Bateman, Student

“As the fairs coordinator, Sue Wilson has been an inspirational role model, whose ‘can-do’ attitude always enthuses us to achieve the best that we can. Sue’s caring style has enabled us to excel in our respective areas of interest”

“Sue Wilson, along with her amazing team, have made the experience extra enjoyable as they have personally invested in our professional growth. The access that they provide to interact with external employers and exhibitors reflects a deep-seated interest in our future prospects”

On Campus: Above & Beyond

Helena Brennan – Alumni Data Assistant

Nominated by Penny Hawley, Alumni Manager

“Helena draws on her own experience as a student to provide a great service. Given how short staffed we were at the end of last year, I don't think we could have kept things going without her”

Helena brings her warm personality to her work. She helps prospective students to connect with alumni to find out what studying in Durham is like. She has been very creative enlivening our social media presence”

Highly Commended

Craig Bateman – Event Assistant

Nominated by Sue Wilson, Fairs & Finance Coordinator

"He is conscientious and has been a constant, reliable and positive member of the events team who works efficiently and effectively on all occasions. Requiring minimum supervision, he consistently delivers above and beyond what is expected."

Off Campus: Commercial Impact

George Wing – Senior Team Leader

Nominated by Ben Jiggins, Manager at Voicentric ltd.

“George’s ability to take on board and communicate complex information and concepts is second to none. He has raised the bar in terms of the level of service we are able to provide our clients without question”

“The normal tasks that George undertakes for the company are pioneering in their scope and the quality of execution. The extra work recently taken on to present our services to a new client is truly remarkable, especially while studying for a master’s degree”

Off Campus Step up to Leadership

Irene Roding – Programme Manager

Nominated by Matt Johnson, Colleague at Voicentric ltd.

“Irene communicates excellently with all people at the organisation, at all levels of the hierarchy, showing patience and understanding on a very human level”

“Irene stepping up in 2017 and 2018 has had a real positive impact on the organisation. Our management team is now much more capable of dealing with increased client volumes due to the extra manpower represented by Irene”

Off Campus: Above & Beyond

Esther Green – Alumni Data Assistant

Nominated by Jamie Caress, Line Manager, Durham Students Union

“Esther has provided a high quality, knowledgeable and approachable service for our members and external stakeholders reducing workload on department staff’

Nominated by Rebecca Henderson, Policy Manager, Durham Students Union

Esther is extremely professional and conscientious, and has a genuine desire to help others. She is non-judgemental and inclusive of all students' needs”

Off Campus: Employer of the Year

Amanda Collins – Assistant Branch Manager, Lloyds Bank

Nominated by TianYan Zhang, Student

“My employer trusted me with what I do, I don't feel any bureaucracy at my current working environment. Overall, I feel empowered, respected and motivated to work for Lloyds Bank (Darlington branch)”