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Durham University

Careers & Enterprise Centre

Give Us Your Feedback

Our responses to your feedback in 2018

You said.... We responded....

I’m a bit confused about what I use the Student Portal to do.

We’ve combined our Appointments, Vacancies and Events Help Sheets together so it’s easy for you to see and use the wide range of Careers services we offer you.

I would like more opportunities to undertake a placement.

In 2018 we employed three Faculty Placement Officers to support you with the placement year process

I’m thinking of a career in Public Health but I can’t see one of your Sector Fact Sheets that covers this.

We have now written a Public Health Fact Sheet which we hope you will find helpful. It’s available in the Information Room to pick up or to download from our website

I’m a first year - what can I do to gain some relevant work experience during the vacation period?

Pick up a copy of our Help Sheet ‘Work Experience - First Year Students’ from our Information Room and take a look at the information it contains on Insight Days/Insight Weeks/Spring Weeks. You can also download a copy from the Resources section of our website:

I’m thinking of applying for PG Study. Have you any personal statement examples I can take a look at?

Take a look at the Resources section on our webpage where we have included some examples to help you:

I feel that Careers & Enterprise are too focused on undergraduates and it's difficult to find things that are relevant to postraduate students.

We've now set up a postgraduate Facebook page @pgrcareersdurhamuniversity which offers dedicated careers support and advice for Durham researchers, including job opportunities, workshops and competitions specifically for postgraduate students. We also now have a dedicated web area for PGT students and a careers development programme:

How do I find out what the North East labour market has to offer Durham students and graduates?

We now have a newly updated 'The North East Graduate Employment Landscape' webpage with sector insights and key areas of opportunity:

The Career Sector Fact Sheets are really helpful and it’s great to have some information to take away to help me explore further the types of careers that interest me.

We’re pleased you like them! We have also developed similar ‘Employability’ Help Sheets during Summer 2018 to include Job Search, Networking at Durham, Speculative Applications, Researching Employers, LinkedIn and Social Media and your Job Search. Pick up copies from our Information Room.

What is an Employer Event, Skills Session or a Careers Fair?

Please read the information in our Employer Events Help Sheet. It explains the different types of events that we run and offers some great advice about the importance of getting involved and engaging with employers. It includes top tips on how to prepare and what to do on the day! Our 'Networking' Help Sheet is worth reading too!

I would like more opportunities with SME's

We now offer internships in SMEs in County Durham, please email to find out more and to be added to the mailing list.

I am unsure whether to disclose a learning difficulty and don't know how to find out about opportunities specific to my needs.

We now have a newly updated 'Reasonable Adjustments' guide online. We've also updated the diversity pages of our website and student guides and we also share on social media #dudiversity :

Case studies keep cropping up at interviews and assessment centres and I'd like to improve at them.

We have subscribed to some practice resources to specifically help you prepare for case studies - access them free at We also recently purchased some new books on case studies/case interviews which you can borrow from our Information Room.

I find the thought of interviews really daunting! Have you any resources that will help me to prepare for them?

Our new video interview platform ShortlistMe will help: You can video yourself answering pre-set questions, play back your responses to view your performance and repeat the questions as many times as you need to! More information about preparing for interviews and the different types of questions you're likely to encounter is available within the Resources section at we hope you'll find that useful too!

I would like to take part in some technical skills sessions.

We plan to offer more technical skills sessions. In 2018 these have included 'HR Tech' with Sage, 'Introduction to Coding' with Sage and 'Design Thinking with Capgemini'.

Help! ...everyone keeps telling me I should be using LinkedIn but I don't really know what it is!

We've created a Help Sheet and information about LinkedIn to help you!: