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Virtual Careers Fair - Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a Careers Adviser's advice on preparing for the virtual fairs.


When can I access the event and see which employers are attending?

The virtual platform will open to students 7 days before the day of the event, allowing you to register and begin looking at the event information. Once you have registered, you will be able to view all of the employers attending and the information they have uploaded to their virtual stalls.

Do I need to register?

If you haven’t used the Graduateland platform before you will need to register as a new user and complete a profile. Once you have registered you will not need to re-register to attend another fair or event.

You might find that some employer chat functions don’t work if you haven’t identified the required language ability when setting up your profile. Make sure to include all relevant language skills when registering.

Which email address should I use to register?

You must use your Durham University email account to register with the fairs platform. Graduates can register with a personal email account. Durham students must not use their Durham University account password when registering with Graduateland for security purposes.

Why should I complete my profile?

Your profile will be used by the platform to match you to suitable employers/opportunities, and employers will use the information in student profiles to reach out to students they think might be interested in their opportunities. If you don’t complete your profile you may not receive as much engagement from employers during the event.

How do I select my field of study?

You can select an option from the drop-down menu, or begin typing your field of study and select the relevant option when it appears. Not all fields of study are available in the drop-down menu but they should appear when you begin typing. These may not align exactly with degree courses at Durham – select the option most relevant to your field of study.

Which degree level do I select?

You need to choose the relevant degree level from the drop-down menu – for students this will be the level you’re currently studying for, and for graduates this will be your highest level of qualification. Your degree level will align with the options as follows:

  • BA or BSc students – select ‘Bachelors’

  • MA, MSc, MEng, MRes, MLitt, MPhill, PGCE, LLM or MJur students – select ‘Masters’

  • PhD, DBA, EdD or DThM students – select ‘Doctoral’

  • MBA students – select ‘Executive Degree’

  • Foundation students – select ‘Associate Degree’

What do the different ‘job types’ mean?

Selecting the types of opportunities you’re interested in will allow employers to understand more about what you’re looking for. The relevant job types for the career fairs at Durham are as follows:

  • Graduate Programme – for those interested in career opportunities for after graduation, including further study.

  • Internship – for those interested in summer/vacation work experience or placement year opportunities.

You might also like to indicate whether you’re looking for full-time or part-time opportunities but this isn’t necessary.

The other job type options aren’t relevant to these events.

What do the options under ‘Primary Interest’ mean?

This section is asking you which sectors or industries you’re interested in working in. You can select more than one option. For information about different sectors, please see the Sector Factsheets.

How should I input my preferred location?

You can select location by country or city, and you can select as many options as you like. If you begin typing you will see the relevant location appear. You can also indicate that you’re interested in opportunities to work remotely.

Before the event:

I’ve registered and completed my profile – what can I do before the event starts?

There are a few key things you can do in the run-up to the event to make the most of your time once the event starts:

  • View employer’s virtual stalls and find out about the organisation and opportunities available.

  • Do further research on any companies you’re really interested in – come up with some questions you can ask the employer during the event.

  • Book a pre-bookable ‘interview’ slot with an employer – once they’re gone, they’re gone!

What is an ‘interview’ slot? Is it a formal interview?

The pre-bookable ‘interview’ slots are not formal interviews. These are just informal video chats that you are able to book in advance of the event, to ensure the employer finds time to speak to you directly during the event. This is a chance for you to find out more about the employer, the opportunities available and ask any questions you might have.

There are no interview slots available – how can I speak to the employer?

You can request to have a chat with any of the employers present during the event itself – see below for more information.

During the event:

Can I still attend if I haven’t pre-registered?

Yes, you can join the event at any point until the closing time (4pm) on the day of the event. You should still complete your profile if you have time to do this, but it isn’t required.

How do I find employers that are most relevant to me?

In the ‘Companies’ tab, you can view a list of employers in attendance and view these by relevancy (matched to your profile), active chat availability or alphabetically.

You can also find relevant employers by looking at the live vacancies they have uploaded; in the ‘Jobs’ tab you can search the list of vacancies available using a number of filters, including Job Category (sector), Location and Type of Work. Type of work refers to the type of opportunities you’re interested in – graduate jobs, internships, etc. To find placement year opportunities, select ‘internship’ and look for ‘placement’ in the job title.

How can I interact with employers?

By clicking into an employer’s stall, you can view the information they have uploaded and any live vacancies. At the top of the profile you can choose to ‘Go to chat’, and you will be shown how many representatives are online. Alternatively, you can choose to begin a chat about a specific job or topic, by clicking on the relevant links further down the page. This will start a chat with the relevant representative who will be best placed to answer your questions.

As soon as a representative becomes available to speak to you, they will send you a text response via the platform. They will also be able to begin audio or video discussions with you if they feel this would be more suitable.

What is a Live Presentation?

Some employers will be offering live 15 minute presentations during the event; to see a schedule visit the ‘LIVE Presentations’ tab on the platform.

The presentations will be live streamed to this tab, so you do not need to download anything to be able to watch. For the best experience, do not use Internet Explorer to access the event. Browsers including Edge, Chrome and Firefox should work well.

You can submit questions during the Live Presentations via the 'Live Questions’ box under the streaming window. You will also be able to see questions others have asked and ‘upvote’ any you would also like to know the answer to.

Recordings of Live Presentations will not be available after the presentation has ended, and you will not be able to rewind or skip the presentations as they are being shown live.

If your question isn't answered please contact