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Is Laidlaw right for me?


Students applying for the Laidlaw Scholarship need to be in their first year of a three-year undergraduate degree programme or in their first year of a four-year degree programme.

Students from all degree programmes are encouraged to apply for the Laidlaw Scholarship. The Scholarship is open to Home, EU and Overseas students. Visiting students cannot apply for the Laidlaw Scholarship.

Is the programme suitable for me?

The Laidlaw Scholarship is tailored towards self-motivated and proactive students looking to improve their research and leadership skills. Scholars are expected to be passionate for a research topic and determinate to undertake two periods of funded research. Successful applicants will be committed to developing all-round subject knowledge, leadership skills, and research experience.

Laidlaw Scholars are also expected to engage with outreach and promotional events to support and encourage future Scholars to engage with the programme. As mentors, Scholars contribute to the wider Laidlaw community at Durham University.


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