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International Students

Numbers and skills

Durham University is home to approximately 2700 international students, who come from over 120 countries.Many post graduate students have held positions of responsibility in their own countries and can bring their business skills as well as their ability in languages to your company.

Examples of work done recently by international students

In the last year international students have helped with translation of documents for a company which trades with China, interpretation for a one-off disciplinary matter involving an employee and a local company, and with work in a customer service company speaking to clients in India. Generally, international students undertake the same range of part time, voluntary and unpaid jobs as UK and EEA students.

Employing international students

UK Border Agency regulations around international student working are complex and the wording on visa stamps can be difficult to interpret. Because of this, some employers may be wary of employing international students. 

However, in general terms, most visas allow students to work up to 20 hours in term time and full time in vacations. Further information on international student working can be found from the UK Council for Internationa Student Affairs and, for guidance on working hours, our employer code of practice . 

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