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Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre

Statement of Service

Guidelines for Services Provided

For Students and Graduates

  • An online booking system enabling existing students and recent graduates inclusive of all academic disciplines and levels of study. Quick Queries appointments of 20 minutes duration bookable up to a week in advance at either Durham or Queen's Campus, Stockton. Individually referred 45 minute Guidance Appointments with, wherever possible, a Careers Adviser responsible for a particular department. (NB. MBA students have dedicated provision within the Durham University Business School)
  • An extensive and relevant website, inclusive of social media, that details the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre activities and referal to relevant external organisations. Online Psychometric Testing and assessment tools in accordance to British Psychological Society standards
  • A programme of talks and workshops on aspects of skills development, job hunting, career planning and careers information
  • Access to employers through presentations, interviews, careers fairs, skills events, vacancy, placement and internship opportunities
  • Help and advice relating to enterprise activities and business start up
  • A Student Employment Service assisting in acessing term time and vacation work
  • A response to a query within five working days of initital contact with the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre.

The Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre expects that students and graduates

  • Attend appointments, talks and workshops recognising that exceptional circumstances may sometimes prevent this (cancelling online in advance if situations prevent attendance)
  • To conduct themselves in a responsible manner when communicating with employers and providers of further and professional study.

Employers can expect from us

  • The facilitating of access of all students to employer vacancies, events and recruitment information
  • The organisation, marketing and administration of an employer recruitment programem including company presentations, selection interviews, career fairs, interactive workshops and skills sessions
  • The maintenance of professional links between members of the Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre team.

We expect employers to provide us with vacancy opportunities than conform to all equal opportunities legislation. The Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre reserves the right not to accept vacancy opportunities that contravene legislation or do not conform to Best Practice in Graduate Recruitment.

University staff can expect from us

  • Support in implementing career planning and skills initiatives within academic departments and colleges
  • The collection and dissemintationand interpretation of statistics on destinations of Durham University graduates
  • Information on the national labour market and its implications for departments.
The Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre values the partnership we have with University staff and would encourage you to refer your students to us for appropriate information, advice and guidance. In order to maximise the value of such interventions we appreciate being kept up to date with changes to course delivery and new programmes of study.