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Durham University

HH Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah Programme


Transformation of Egypt's Authoritarian Welfare Regime

Yusuke Kawamura

Number 30: January 2020

The Gulf Monarchies and the Challenges of a Region in Flux

Gertjan Hoetjes

Number 29: November 2019

Maurice and the Mullahs: Religion and Politics in the Thinking of Maurice Cowling, and in Revolutionary Iran

Michael Axwothy

Number 28: April 2019

The Mediterranean Rim - Looking for a Growth Engine

Mina Toksoz

Number 27: March 2019

China and the Middle East: Redefining the International Order

John Calabrese

Number 26: December 2018

IS' Discursive Power in the MIddle East

Amjed Rasheed and Juline Beaujouan

Number 25: October 2018

Syrian Conflict, Syrian Refugees - Part II: The Case of Lebanon

Juline Beaujouan

Number 24: August 2018

Syrian Conflict, Syrian Refugees - Part I: The Case of Jordan

Juline Beaujouan

Number 23: August 2018

Understanding the Contrasting Policies of Hezbollah and Sadrist Movement towards the Syrian Civil War

Micheal David Clark

Number 22: June 2018

'One Belt, One Road' and the Middle East in China: Yemeni Community in a Transregional Circuit

Wai-Yip Ho

Number 21: March 2018

Drafting Tunisia’s Constitution: Tensions between Constituent Power and Constituted Power in the Transition Process

James N. Sater

Number 20: November 2017

Assessing Gezi Park Movement’s Transformative Dynamics: The Women and the Football Fans

Antonios S. Diagoupis

Number 19: May 2017

Between Fear and the Need for Security: Counterterrorism Since 9/11

Fabrizio Longarzo

Number 18: October 2016

Maintaining the Energy Security of Turkey in the Era of Geopolitical Turmoil

Ibrahim Said Arnic

Number 17: March 2016

The Survival of Bashar al-Assad: Geopolitics and the Resilience of the Syrian Army

M K Alam

Number 16: November 2015

Kuwait's Diwaniyyas: Dislocation and Dissent in an Urban Gulf Society

Clemens Chay

Number 15: July 2015

Symbolic Name Strategies: Iran and the Persian Gulf

Vedran Obućina

Number 14: March 2015

The Path Dependent Nature of Factionalism in Post-Khomeini Iran 

Ariabarzan Mohammadi

Number 13: December 2014

Morocco and the Middle East under Mohammed VI

Irene Fernández Molina

Number 12: June 2014

Globalisation as an Agent of Party Ideological Change: The Case of the Turkish Religious Right

Hakan Köni

Number 11: May 2014

Globalisation Effects on Networks in the GCC: Exploring Entrepreneurial Networks in Kuwait

Nada S. al-Mutawa

Number 10: March 2014

When the Sphinx Awoke: An Eyewitness Account of Egypt's Revolution

Nada E. El-Shazly

Number 9: January 2014

Israel-Sino Relations through the Prism of Advocacy Groups

Mohammed Turki Al-Sudairi

Number 8: November 2013

Ending Sykes-Picot: The Arab World and the West After 2011

Robert Bowker

Number 7: September 2013

Asia: East Moves West

Geoffrey Kemp

Number 6: February 2013

Lebanon's 'Arab Spring': Exploring Identity, Security, and Change

Dima Smayra

Number 5: January 2013

Exploring Causal Relationship between Security of Demand for Crude Oil and Economic Well-Being: the Case of Five MENA ...

Neeladri Chatterjee

Number 4: December 2012

Small States with a Big Role: Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in the Wake of the Arab Spring

Kristian Coates Ulrichsen

Number 3: October 2012

China - Saudi Arabia Relations: Economic Partnership or Strategic Alliance?

Naser Al-Tamimi

Number 2: June 2012

Egypt After Mubarak: the Challenges Ahead

Robert Bowker

Number 1: November 2011