Durham University

HH Sheikh Nasser al-Mohammad al-Sabah Programme

The Historical Legacy of Asianisation

12th February 2013, 9.30, to 13th February 2013, 16.00

Weardale Room, Dales Suite, Collingwood College, Durham University

An ESRC and AHRC sponsored conference organized by the Centre for the Advanced Study of the Arab World in partnership with the al-Sabah Programme.

Recent scholarship has posited that a convergence of the Eastern and Western edges of the Asian continent is taking place, citing as evidence the growing links connecting the Middle East with South, South-East, and East Asia. This process of the ‘Asianization’ of the Middle East is developing across several fronts – including economic, diplomatic and strategic.

This two day interdisciplinary workshop will contextualize the ongoing Asianization of the Middle East against the backdrop of centuries of maritime and overland contact between East and West Asia. Distinguished speakers from across the world of academia will join their colleagues from Durham University in discussing the many dimensions of historical contact across the Asian landmass, reflecting on the influence that these have had on present-day linkages.

The first panel, ‘Context’, will provide a general overview of two major historical pathways for inter-civilizational exchange within Asia: the Silk Road and the trade routes of the Indian Ocean. Next, panels ‘Content I’ and ‘Content II’ will take a more detailed look at the transfer of goods, people and ideas facilitated by these pathways. Finally, the concluding panel will address the question of legacy, asking how history shapes our understanding of contemporary Asianization.

Please contact Mhabeni Bona by 8th February 2013 to book your place or for more information: mhabeni.bona@durham.ac.uk