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We are proud to share news that a number of our Technicians have recently had work published in a book, launched in January 2023.

The book, The Plant Cytoskeleton: Methods and Protocols, which was recently published and edited by Patrick Hussey (Biosciences Professor) and former department member Pengwei Wang hosts several chapters written by members of our Technician community and other colleagues:

  • Tim Hawkins (Chief EO - Bioimaging)
  • Joanne Robson (EO - Bioimaging) 
  • Bethany Cole (Advanced Technician)
  • Simon J Bush (Former Advanced Technician)
  • Patrick Duckney (Post-doc) 
  • Patrick Hussey (Professor)

The front cover image was also generated in the Bioimaging facility by Joanne Robson Department of Biosciences.

Green book cover titled The Plant Cytoskeleton