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Durham University

Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing

Participants - Culinary Innovation SIG

Prof Sarah Atkinson: Associate director of the Centre for Medical Humanities and professor in the Department of Geography. Her research intersects with the themes of the special interest group through her interest in different conceptualisations of wellbeing, the nature of critical transitions in wellbeing and the spaces and practices of care of the body.

Dr Adam Todd: Registered pharmacist with expertise in clinical pharmacy. Interested in how the tastes of food impacts on medication adherence

Dr David Berry: Registered pharmacist with expertise in formulation science. Interested in how food effects the efficacy of drugs and the function of drug delivery systems in relation to food. 

Dr Duika Burges Watson: Centre for Public Policy and Health. Interests in culinary innovation to improve QOL for cancer survivors; altered eating; translational research

Dr Sue Lewis: Social innovation and embedded research; culinary innovation to improve QOL for cancer survivors

Dr Sharyn Maxwell: well-being of people with functional impairments, care co-ordination and organisational delivery

Dr Amelia Lake: Registered Dietitian & Public Health Nutritionist with an interest in food choice, choice architecture and foodscapes.

Dr Lois Grayson: Psychopathologist with specific focus on multisensory integration (MSI). Interested in relationships between disrupted/imbalanced MSI, psychopathologies such as autism spectrum disorder, and altered eating (e.g. Anorexia Nervosa).

Prof Elizabeth Archibald: Professor in the Department of English Studies

Dr Amanda Ellison:  neuroscientific basis of vision; neuronal disruption in migraine headache; visuomotor systems; sensorimotor cortical interfacing; thalamocortical dysrhythmia and the rehabilitative benefits of TMS.