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Durham University

Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing

Featured Research Projects

IMAGINE: Innovating Mhealth in Africa through Grassroots Initiatives & Networks

Africa's recent communications 'revolution' has generated optimism that using mobile phones for health (mhealth) can help bridge healthcare gaps, particularly for rural, hard-to-reach populations. However, while scale-up of mhealth pilots remains limited, community health workers (CHWs) across the continent possess mobile phones. CHWs form a vital part of healthcare delivery across Africa and many countries are scaling up their deployment (target of 1 million CHWs).

For more information on this project please visit the website here.

‘En-lighten’ – an exploration of light and sensation inside & outside

Can Light make you feel better?

Artist, Dr Laura Johnston, is working with Dr Paul L Chazot (Biosciences), Dr Boguslaw Obara (Computer scientist), and local NE architects (Stuart Franklin (JDDK) to find out!

In the natural environment light changes constantly. From sunrise to sunset, the intensity and colour of natural light alters continually. The experience of witnessing a sunrise; of walking in dappled light - under trees on a sunny day; or watching the dancing patterns created by light on water, all add to the rich variety of light we experience in the natural landscape.

We spend much of our time in buildings - often far from windows and under constant electric lighting. Through creative collaboration, this project seeks to bring a sense of the natural world into our buildings and to explore how this can change how we feel. We are also interested in changing the exterior view with light at night as wellbeing is a 24h phenomenon.

As part of this exciting project we will be installing art works in a number of venues that will transform the atmosphere of the spaces through light and reflection. Biomedical scientists will monitor how the spaces are changed and how people respond to them. We hope to explore whether we really can change how you feel by changing the light! For more information:

This project is supported by the Arts Council and Wolfson Research Institute for Health & Wellbeing (WRIHW)