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Durham University

Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing


Wavelengths of Colour by Diane Bousfield, Submitted by Dr Paul Chazot

(13 August 2018)

My entry to ICU was bright and pure white

Reflection of all visible rays of light

Then my feelings transformed through a spectrum of colour

An emotional association like no other

Shades tints tones and colouration

Would stay throughout our ICU duration

The first colour to power through my mind was primary red

The largest wave of the visible light spectrum filled me with dread

Trauma danger determination love and fear

Raged through my body as I entered a new sphere

Orange warmly washed over me with emotional expression

Nullifying and quantifying reducing regression

Yellow flooded in with optimism illumination inspiration and hope

Clarity and an intellectual mind set to cope

Green the element of balance and healing poured through

Pleasantly immersing alluring fresh and new

Blue sky days followed feelings of serenity and calm

Relaxation and peace from the initial alarm

Indigo idealism and structure of life begin to arrive

Time to move forward with compassion and drive

The short spectrum waves of violet flow in hopefully to stay

With inner calm reduced stress and a strategy to live another day

Light tunnelling through the darkness storm clouds will pass by

Until the pulse of life has returned and once again the sun will ride high