Durham University

Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing


“The Illusionist of Intention” by Diane Bousfield, an original poem submitted by Dr Paul Chazot

(8 August 2018)

“The Illusionist of Intention” by Diane Bousfield

The footprints of time will forever be mine

Tempus Fugit “Time Flies” as we move down the line

Life changes by the second the minute the hour

Hidden impacts layer upon an increasing tower

Fluctuated level of awareness and disorganised thinking

Increased limitations on eating and drinking

Altered state of consciousness enhances distorted perceptions

Tony’s back in the moment with no recollection

Mountaintop experiences thoughts lucidly flow

Context is everything for those who know

Tony’s become the grand illusionist of intention

In his mind he’s capable of everything he mentions

Co-existing neurological and severe medical conditions

Coupled with lost external reality an incredulous coalition

The eyes absorb a slice of the visual world

Integrated into coherent images straight and curved

Reality of Tony’s vision is constructed in his mind

His beating heart struggles with activities of any kind

Focus on breathing oxygen flowing to sustain

Intricate anatomical workings under constant strain

Hearts fluttering as we both embrace the unknown

Controlling a level of pain internally grown

Thoughts and emotions become impaired

Executive functioning and loss of focus have not been spared

Disturbance in the functions of the brain

Agitation and confusion continue to stain


Memory box of life concealed from view

Breakthrough the smokescreen and make memories new

As survivors life’s experiences give us phenomenal courage to fight

We’ll tackle our destiny together with all our strength and might