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Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing

Wolfson Fellow

Dr Ivana Petrovic

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Areas of Doctoral Supervision

Ancient Greek literature and Greek religion.


I am a Senior Lecturer in Greek Literature and have a Diploma in Classics from Belgrade University and a Ph.D. in Greek literature from Giessen University. I was a Fellow of Sasakawa Peace Foundation (1999), and a Residential Fellow at the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies (2009/10).

My main research interests are Ancient Greek literature, religion and South-Slavic oral traditional poetry.

My first monograph, "Von den Toren des Hades zu den Hallen des Olymp. Artemiskult bei Theokrit und Kallimachos", was published by Brill Academic Publisher (Mnemosyne Supplements 281).

Together with Andrej Petrovic, I have completed the monograph "Inner Purity and Pollution in Early Greek Religion" which will be published by Oxford University Press in 2016.

I have published articles in journals and edited volumes on Ancient Greek poetry, Greek magic and religion, and iconotexts (intermediality) and have co-edited volumes on the relationship between image and text (ebook, Giessen University), on the Roman triumph (Steiner Verlag), and on Greek epigram (Cambridge University Press).

I am also interested in reception and visual culture. My analysis of Oliver Stone's film "Alexander" which focuses on the way the film uses ancient biographies of Alexander the Great (especially Plutarch) and ancient mythology (especially the myths about Dionysus, Prometheus, Heracles, Medea, and Achilles.) has recently been singled out by Oliver Stone. He praised the article as "excellent" on his facebook page and recommended it to tens of thousands of his facebook followers. He also posted a link to the book on his website.







Books: authored

Books: edited

  • Petrovic, A, Petrovic, I & Thomas, E (2015). The Materiality of Text: placements, presences and perceptions of inscribed text in classical antiquity. Studies in Greek and Roman Epigraphy. Brill Academic Publishers.
  • Baumbach, Manuel, Petrovic, Ivana & Petrovic, Andrej (2010). Archaic and Classical Greek Epigram. Cambridge University Press.
  • Krasser, H. Pausch, D. & Petrovic, I. (2008). Triplici invectus triumpho. Der roemische Triumph in augusteischer Zeit. Potsdamer Altertumswissenschaftliche Beitraege 25. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag.
  • Lorenz, K., Petrovic, I. & v. Moellendorff, P. (2006). Ikonotexte: Duale Mediensituationen. Ebook. Ebook: Giessen University.

Books: reviews

Edited works: contributions

  • Petrovic, Ivana (2009). Apollo. In Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome. Gagarin, M. Oxford et al.: Oxford University Publishers.
  • Petrovic, Ivana (2009). Artemis. In Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome. Gagarin, M. Oxford et al.: Oxford University Publishers.
  • Petrovic, Ivana (2009). Hymns. In Encyclopedia of Ancient Greece and Rome. Gagarin, M. Oxford et al.: Oxford University Publishers.

Essays in edited volumes

  • Petrovic, I. (Forthcoming). Ptolemaic court in Hellenistic Poetry. In The Hellenistic Court. Erskine, A., Llewellyn-Jones, L. & Wallace, S.
  • Petrovic, Ivana (2015). Hymns in the Papyri Graecae Magicae. In Hymnic Narrative and the Narratology of Greek Hymns. Faulkner, A & Hodkinson, O Brill, Leiden.
  • Petrovic, Ivana (2014). Posidippus and Achaemenid royal propaganda. In Hellenistic Studies at a Crossroads: Exploring Texts, Contexts and Metatexts. Hunter, Richard, Rengakos, Antonios & Sistakou, Evina Berlin: De Gruyter. 25: 273-300.
  • Petrovic, Ivana (2013). The Never-Ending Stories: A perspective on Greek Hymns. In The Door Ajar: False Closure in Greek and Roman Literature and Art. Grewing, Farouk, Acosta-Hughes, Benjamin & Kirichenko, Alexander Heidelberg: Winter Verlag. 203-227.
  • Petrovic, Ivana (2012). Callimachus' Hymn to Apollo and Greek Metrical Sacred Regulations. In Hellenistica Groningana. Gods and Religion in Hellenistic Poetry, Proceedings of the Ninth Groningen Workshop on Hellenistic poetry. Harder, M.A., Regtuit, R.F. & Wakker, G.C. Leuven et al. Peeters Publishers. 281-306.
  • Petrovic, I. (2012). Dichtung, Reinheit, Opferritual. In Ästhetik des Opfers. Zeichen / Handlungen in Ritual und Spiel. Bierl, T., Honold, A. & Luppi, V. Wilhelm Fink. 107-130.
  • Petrovic, I. (2012). Divine Masters and Human Disciples. The idea of gods as teachers and its development in Greek poetry and philosophy. In Meister und Schueler in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Renger, A.-B. Vandenhoeck und Ruprecht Uni Press. 53-68.
  • Petrovic, I & Muth, S. (2012). Medientheorie als Chance. Überlegungen zur historischen Interpretation von Texten und Bildern. In Ansehenssache. Formen von Prestige in Kulturen des Altertums. Christiansten, B. & Thaler, U. Herbert Utz Verlag. 281-318.
  • Petrovic, Ivana (2012). Rhapsodic Hymns and Epyllia. In Brill’s Companion to Greek and Latin Epyllion and Its Reception. Baumbach, Manuel & Baer, Silvio Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers. 149-176.
  • Petrovic, I. (2011). Callimachus and Contemporary Religion: the Hymn to Apollo. In Brill's Companion to Callimachus. Acosta-Hughes, B., Lehnus, L. & Stephens, S. Leiden: Brill. 264-285.
  • Petrovic, Ivana (2010). The life story of a cult statue as an allegory: Kallimachos’ Hermes Perpheraios. In Divine images and Human imaginations in Ancient Greece and Rome. J. Mylonopoulos Leiden: Brill. 170: 205-224.
  • Petrovic, Ivana (2009). Transforming Artemis: From die Göttin des Draußen to City-Goddess. In The Gods of Ancient Greece: Identities and Transformations. Bremmer, Jan N. & Erskine, Andrew W. Edinburgh et al.:
  • Petrovic, Ivana (2008). Aitiologie des Triumphes. Properz 4.6. In Triplici invectus triumpho – der roemische Triumph in augusteischer Zeit. Krasser, H., Pausch, D. & Petrovic, I. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag.
  • Petrovic, Ivana (2007). Plutarch's and Stone's Alexander: fortuna et virtus. In Ancient Greek World in Cinema. Morcillo, M.G. & Berti, I. Stuttgart: Franz Steiner Verlag.
  • Petrovic, Ivana & Petrovic, Andrej (2006). Look Who is Talking Now!: Speaker and Communication in Metrical Sacred Regulations. In Ritual and Communication in the Graeco-Roman World. Stavrianopoulou, Eftychia Liege: Centre International d'Etude de la Religion Grecque Antique. Kernos Supplément 16: 151-179.
  • Petrovic, Ivana (2004). Artemisfeste und Frauen, Goettliche Didaktik als literarischer Topos. In Studia humanitatis ac litterarum trifolio Heidelbergiensi dedicata, Festschrift für C. Christmann, W. Edelmaier, R. Kettemann. Hornung, A, Jaekel, Ch., Schubert, W. New York: Peter Lang. 144.: 251-270.

Journal papers: academic