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Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing

About the Institute

The Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing is based at Durham University's Queens Campus. We conduct multi- and interdisciplinary research on health and wellbeing across medicine, the sciences, the social sciences and the arts and humanities. We support a community of over 175 Fellows and 4 research centres across both the Queens and Durham City campuses and across almost all of the University's departments and schools. The Institute is unusual by international standards in the breadth of the disciplines that through it engage with problems of health and wellbeing. As such, the Institute has been a seedbed for pioneering initiatives such as in the medical humanities, local governance, clinical trials and applied statistics, as well as developing and sustaining critical mass in important areas of health and wellbeing research activity. There is strong and successful engagement with the NHS, local authorities, social services and the third sector, which has resulted in substantial investment and impacts on policy and practice.

The research undertaken by the Centres, Special Interest Groups and Fellows that comprise the Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing can be broadly conceptualised into three interacting themes:

Research in this theme examines the health and wellbeing of children and young people from infancy to young adulthood.

Research in this theme examines the influence of belief (spiritual, religious, philosophical, historical and psychological) on health and wellbeing.

Research in this theme examines the evaluation of interventions to improve health, the social determinants of health and to reduce health inequalities.

Our Aims and Objectives


(1) to support the conduct of multidisciplinary projects into health and wellbeing that yield novel interdisciplinary advances in knowledge;  

(2) to help establish Durham as a world-leading university in multi- and inter-disciplinary health and wellbeing research. 


(1) to bring together Fellows from different disciplines at Durham University and create opportunities for dialogue and new collaborations, internally and externally to the University;

(2) to support and enhance health and wellbeing research at Durham University;

(3) to enhance the impact of Fellows research;

(4) to support new University initiatives in health and wellbeing research and teaching;

(5) to ensure continual high quality governance of the Institute;

(6) to raise the international profile and reputation of health and wellbeing research at Durham University and to facilitate international research.