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Durham University

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What's On

Research Seminar: Teachers' Emotional Experiences, Power, and Interpretation in the Context of Education Reform

27th January 2021, 13:00 to 14:00, Zoom seminar

A Zoom virtual research seminar presented by Dr Kwok Kuen Tsang from Beijing Normal University. Contact for details about how to take part.

In recent years, many teachers suffered from different kinds of negative emotions in the context of education reforms. A typical explanation was that the education reforms technically disempowered teachers to over the labor process in teaching, so teachers were forced to do much non-instructional work. Teachers considered their work meaningless but were powerless to change it, and eventually indulged themselves in negative emotions. However, the present research suggested that this explanation had neglected teacher agency and might be incomplete. The research showed that teachers in Hong Kong experienced negative emotions in education reforms because, on top of the technical disempowerment, the reforms ideologically disempowered teachers to identify the instructional meanings of their work via a process of goal displacement. Thus, teachers perceived their work as inconsistent with their major purpose of teaching, i.e., making a difference, and they felt negative towards work.

Contact for more information about this event.

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