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Durham University

What's On

What's On

Ooook! Production's Presents: 'Ivan Vasilievich'

15th November 2020, 06:00 to 29th November 2020, 22:00, The Assembly Rooms Theatre (Online)

Written by Mikhail Bulgakov (of 'The Master and Margarita' fame) and later adapted for the screen by the USSR’s “King of Comedy” Leonid Gaidai, this classic of Russian satirical comedy is being brought to the English-speaking world for the very first time. The play - banned at one time by Stalin - has been translated from the original Russian by Ooook!'s own Anna Bodrenkova, assisted by Jay Figueredo.

A riot of the mistaken-identity trope, Ivan Vasilievich is a satirical criticism of the abuse of power.
When Timofeev uses a time machine to send a burglar and his apartment block superintendent Ivan back to the time of Ivan the Terrible, they discover an uncanny resemblance. The two equally terrible Ivan Vasilieviches accidentally swap places, and when the time machine breaks, they get stranded. Can Timofeev fix the time machine before the Soviet police arrest Ivan the Terrible? Can superintendent Ivan masquerade as Tsar for long enough not to get beheaded as an impostor? Only time will tell!

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