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Department of Theology and Religion

DThM Student Experience

Amy Roche, CMS Mission Partner, Beirut
"I joined the DThM programme four years ago, with the hope that researching Practical Theology would be mutually enriching to my work in mission and ministry, and this is certainly what I have found. Serving as a mission partner for the Church Mission Society, for me one of the highlights of the programme is meeting each year with fellow researchers at Summer School, which means instead of a solitary experience the whole research journey is shared, with the opportunity to feed back- formally and informally- on each others' progress, not forgetting to pause for a music jam in the student bar to refresh the theological brain cells! With the excellent supervision and patient support I've received from staff, this shared learning has definitely expanded my own project and been an invaluable chance to understand and support a fascinating diversity of contemporary research subjects of others. I've found my expectations have genuinely been surpassed and would highly recommend the course to anyone considering theological Doctoral research in a ministerial context."
Glen Packiam, Associate Senior Pastor, New Life Church; Lead Pastor, New Life Downtown, Colorado Springs
"I chose the DThM at Durham not only because of Durham's prestige and theological legacy, but also because of the program's emphasis on making an original contribution to the field through an inter-disciplinary approach with practical ministry outcomes. Learning to combine sociological research with theological reflection is making me not only a better scholar, but also a better pastor. Furthermore, the design of the DThM, with its part-time and long-distance option, fits the demands of my life in full-time vocational ministry in America. Finally, the other ministry leaders and practitioners in the program are an amazing community, providing friendship and support along the way. I consistently recommend the DThM at Durham to all the research-loving, academically-inclined, ministry professionals I know!"
Jake Belder, Ordinand Cranmer Hall
"I have been enrolled on Durham's DThM programme alongside training for ordained ministry at Cranmer Hall. This has been a great experience, because it places me both in a world-class theology department with immense resources, and in a community deeply involved in ministry in a wide range of ecclesial contexts. Being at the crossroads of theology and practice in this way is incredibly fruitful for doing practical theological research."