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Department of Theology and Religion

Current Postgraduate Students

Mr Andrew Brower-Latz

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Current Research

My thesis offers a comprehensive and systematic reconstruction of Gillian Rose's social theory in relation to its major sources, particularly Adornian critical theory and Hegelian philosophy. It uses this to assess her work's relation to religion and political theology. I am funded by the AHRC. 

I am co-organising a conference on Rose's work for 9th January 2015, the proceeds of which will be published in a special issue of Telos. See my blog for more details (

Research Interests

  • Gillian Rose
  • Social philosophy
  • Critical theory, esp. Frankfurt School
  • German Idealism
  • Modernity
  • Political theology

Selected Publications

Books: edited

Books: reviews

  • (2013). ‘Review of Kate Schick, Gillian Rose: A Good Enough Justice’. International Journal of Philosophical Studies 21(2): 307-11.
  • Brower Latz, Andrew (2013). Review of Andrew Shanks, Hegel and Religious Faith. Political Theology 14(2): 227-9.
  • Brower Latz, Andrew (2013). Review of Hayden Ramsay (ed.), Truth and Faith in Ethics. Solidarity 3.
  • Brower Latz, Andrew (2011). Review of Paul Kahn, Political Theology. Theological Book Review October.
  • Brower Latz, Andrew (2011). Review of Vincent W. Lloyd and Elliot A. Ratzman (Eds.), Secular Faith. Theological Book Review 2011(October).
  • Brower Latz, Andrew (2011). Review of Vincent W. Lloyd, The Problem with Grace. Theological Book Review October.

Journal papers: academic

  • Brower Latz, Andrew. (2012). Andrew Shanks' Civil Theology. Political Theology 13(1): 14-36.
  • Brower Latz, Andrew. & Aldea, Serafim. (2012). The Desert Fathers and the male gaze. Studia Patristica
  • Brower Latz, Andrew. (2011). Creation in the fiction of Marilynne Robinson. Journal of Literature and Theology 25(3).
  • Brower Latz, Andrew. (2010). A short note towards a theology of abiding in John's Gospel. Journal of Theological Interpretation 4(2).

Journal papers: online

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