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Department of Theology and Religion

Current Postgraduate Students

Miss Victoria Beeching, MA Oxon

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Research Fellow in Religion and Ethics & PhD student in the Department of Theology and Religion

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Current Research

Internet ethics, VR (virtual reality), AI (artificial intelligence) and human behaviour

  • What it means to be human in a digital age.
  • The ethical, social, and moral implications of the Internet, VR (virtual reality) and AI (artificial intelligence).
  • What it means to retain wholeness as a physical/embodied person while living in an increasingly virtual/disembodied world.
  • The sacredness of ‘place’ in theology and how this intersects with VR and virtual environments.
  • Future ethical implications of artificial intelligence.
  • Future ethical implications of machines and robotics.

Previous Research

Biblical perspectives on human sexuality: Towards an LGBT-inclusive church

  • The Biblical texts related to (or thought to relate to) same-sex relationships and the manner in which these verses have been interpreted (and misinterpreted) throughout church history. 
  • The conservative evangelical movement in the UK and their opposition to the ordination of women as priests and Bishops, and to same-sex marriage.
  • The biblical and social arguments used by the American ’religious right’ against same-sex marriage in the USA. 
  • Christians who have changed their minds on same-sex marriage – moving from conservative to LGBT affirming – and emerging patterns of how and why this shift is taking place within the UK.

Publications and Presentations

  • Vicky is passionate about having one foot in the academic world and the other in media and broadcasting. A regular on BBC1, Sky News, Radio 4, and in papers like The Guardian, she gives commentary and opinion on stories about religion and about technology.
  • For video footage and audio clips, visit her website: