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Supported Progression


As a cultural phenomenon that evokes passion, drives economies, shapes politics, highlights inequities and contributes to our sense of national pride, sport has a rare capacity to touch our lives. Rising levels of obesity and physical inactivity also make sport a major concern for current policy and the use of sport in initiatives such as crime prevention, community development and health promotion campaigns make sport a subject area of great contemporary, vocational relevance. With the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow in 2014 and the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London, never has it been more necessary to prepare well-rounded graduates for entry into sport-related professions and industries.

In studying Sport at Durham, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of a number of key issues relating to sport in contemporary society. Our flexible programme of study includes topics such as sports development, sports policy, sport and exercise physiology, the sociology of sport, health and physical activity and sport and exercise psychology. Your three years of study at Durham will also develop in you a broad range of practical skills, personal qualities and intellectual capacities that can be applied to a range of future career paths and further postgraduate studies.

What Will The Project Involve?

The project will change every year. Previous students have undertaken independent research, including carrying out a survey of the other summer schools students. They analysed their results and made them accessible, presenting them as a poster. At the end of the week, they presented their findings to the department's academics.

A-level subject requirements:

  • We consider the subjects of A-level Sport Studies or Physical Education a good foundation for studying this degree course. In addition an A-level in any of the following subjects will prepare you for the academic demands of our programme of study: Sociology, Psychology, English, Humanities and Biology.
  • We do not include Critical Thinking or General Studies as part of any offer.

Typical offer if you are successful on Supported Progression:

Degree Programme A-Levels Other qualifications


BBB-BBC see here for an equivalency
plus successful completion of the Supported Progression qualification for Sport