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Supported Progression


Our degree programmes enable students to develop a 'sociological imagination' which facilitates a sophisticated and critical understanding of the social world. Studying Sociology at Durham is about sharing a common enthusiasm for exploring how human beings behave, think and feel within social settings. Sociology contributes in crucial ways to shaping social change, such as in highlighting contemporary and future social trends, advising on social policy, and tackling forms of discrimination.

Teaching is research-led and links closely with the research interests and projects of academic staff. Our current research interests include crime and deviance, criminological theory, criminal justice, social class, ageing, culture, sport, globalization, health and illness, urban policy, policing, social exclusion and welfare systems, and research methodologies.

What Will The Project Involve?

The project will change every year. Previous students have undertaken research amongst the other summer school students about a Sociological topic, then presented their results in a poster. At the end of the week they reported their results back to the class.

A-level subject requirements:

  • We will accept A-levels in any subjects (excluding Critical Thinking and General Studies), with preferably at least one being essay based. You do not need any previous knowledge of sociology.

Typical offer if you are successful on Supported Progression:

Degree Programme A-Levels Other qualifications


BBB-BBC see here for an equivalency
plus successful completion of the Supported Progression qualification for Sociology