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Durham University

Supported Progression

SP Criteria - Eligibility & Selection

All applicants should be interested in exploring Durham University and finding out about what the University has to offer. As places are limited and highly sought after, we will use the eligibility and selection criteria to help us identify those applicants who we feel will benefit the most from the programme. Successful applicants are not required to choose Durham University through UCAS, however, the aim of the programme is to support students in their pursuit of a place at Durham University and we ask that applicants take this into consideration when choosing to apply.

You can click on any criterion for more information.

Essential Criteria:

Unfortunately it is not possible to participate on SP if you are not currently in Year 12. However, this is not an age requirement so if you are 18 but in Year 12 then we will consider your application.

SP is aimed at students from the North East. A number of our events and activities are non-residential and take place of an evening or an afternoon. It is therefore important that participants are easily able to commute to Durham. We have loosely defined this as being within 50 miles and/or one hour or less travel time. However, we will consider applications on a case-by-case basis. If you are just outside the 'target area' but are willing and able to get to Durham on a semi-regular basis then please do apply. If you are successful, we may only be able to provide reimbursement for travel up to a certain level. If you have any questions about this you are welcome to get in touch with the team.

The full list of subject specific requirements for SP can be found here. These requirements are based on the entry requirements for our equivalent undergraduate programmes. As SP is designed to support students on their journey to Durham it is important for us to make sure you will be able to meet such requirements further down the line.

To meet this criteria students will need to be either:

  1. Quintile 1 (POLAR4);
  2. Quintile 2 (POLAR4) AND ACORN category 4 or 5.

Additionally, we may prioritise applicants meeting some of the following (please note, this list is in no particular order):

For care experience, the three months do not need to be consecutive and needn't be the three months immediately prior to Year 12.

By irreconcilably estranged we mean a student who has limited/sporadic or no contact with either of their biological/legally adopted parents. This includes living away from parents and receiving no emotional or financial support.

All applications are considered on a case-by-case basis. If there is additional context pertaining to the above or any other form of educational disruption that you think may be relevant to your SP application, please get in touch with us by email and/or encourage your teacher to include this as part of their verification.

Please see

Additionally, we use school data available to us through the Higher Education Access Tracker (HEAT) to assess progression rates (e.g. POLAR 4 data).

These criteria are used to identify students with merit and potential who are currently under-represented in higher education and at Durham University. Additionally, as black and minority ethnic (BAME) applicants are underrepresented at Durham, we particularly welcome applications to Supported Progression from BAME students.

Supported Progression also welcomes applications from disabled students and makes reasonable adjustments to facilitate access to all Supported Progression events and the University.