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Student news and testimonials

One of the major highlights of my PhD has been the research community at Durham. Our department works hard to make sure that students are not working in isolation, but have a team of staff to assist in their development. I have had feedback on my research from numerous staff members, and I regularly have the opportunity to ask them questions and get ideas from those outside my supervision team.

There is also a high level of community among students. Many of us work in offices together and are able to develop personal and professional relationships, working on projects that range from those in our same sub-discipline to others only connected by the umbrella of theology and religion. This provides the opportunity to enhance our research with both breadth and depth.”

Madison Pierce, PhD in Theology and Religion. 

“The best part of my PhD programme has been the research opportunities available; good supervision, a range of useful academic resources, opportunities and funding to attend and present at conferences, and the collaborative learning environment provided by the departmental lectures and seminars.

The opportunity to teach undergraduates as part of my PhD research and training has been a valuable experience given my future plans to resume my academic career.

I believe it is absolutely essential for a PhD degree to push you beyond your comfort zone and elevate you to the next level where you begin to experience life differently and I am pleased to acknowledge that Durham has helped me get there!” 

Ayesha Siddiqa, PhD English. 

“The lectures are of very high-quality, and given by experts in each subject. I have been able to use new software and solve real-life problems in the field of renewable energy generation and integration, as well as developing projects in the same way an engineer would. All of this could not have happened without valuable group discussions with my fellow students, a practice that has prepared us for our professional lives. As part of my research and development project, I have visited NAREC, a place to see all the theory I have learnt being put to practice and a great way to build a bridge between a student and a worldwide leader in the renewable energy business.”

Sebastian Sanchez Perez-Moreno, MSc New and Renewable Energy.

"I feel like this course has dramatically improved not only my scientific writing, but also my ability to read scientific literature with a more critical and observant eye. For example, I have learnt the importance of questioning protocols and results, and reviewing the statistics and other methods that researchers use to present their data. This is an important skill because science should always be questioned in order to make progress. Just because something is published does not mean it is precise or accurate, and it is important to know the value of work that you plan to cite in your own research."

Maggie Scollan, MSc Archaeological Science.

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Scottish Soldiers Project - Archaeology Student Involvement

Scottish Soldiers Project - Archaeology Student Involvement

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Postgraduate students from the Department of Archaeology played an important role in the analysis and interpretation of the bones of the Scottish soldiers. Students prepared bone samples and performed initial data analysis as part of the Isotopic and Biomolecular Archaeology module of their postgraduate degree programmes.

"I have to say that I genuinely enjoyed all my seminars as the group size allows you to spend a productive and considerable amount of time with your module leaders." 

Lara Ehrenfried, MA English Literary Studies. 

"Education isn’t an isolated event, being in Durham has helped me broaden my mind and do research outside of my little cocoon. The things I needed to make my student life work here were easily accessible which helped very much. I loved to take walks around Durham, it’s just so nice along the river. Having such a lovely environment really helped when I was stressed with my studies." 

Barbara Mutedzi, MA Anthroplogy Graduate.