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Durham University


Paying your fees

How to make payments to the University for tuition or residence fees:

  • The preferred payment method is Direct Debit as it is easy to operate and cheap to administer. To set up a Direct Debit go to
  • Once the mandate is set up the account holder will be notified 14 days before any amount is collected.
  • The annual charge (for both tuition and residence) is payable in three instalments typically on 1st December, 1st February and 1st June by Direct Debit.
  • If a Direct Debit bounces we make a £25.00 charge to represent additional costs incurred.
  • If you chose not to pay by Direct Debit you can find information on the due dates by visiting our How to Pay pages (Direct Debit payers are allowed longer to pay).
  • If you do not make payment on time a late payment charge of £70.00 will be made which is credited to the Student Opportunities Fund. This charge does not represent costs incurred, but is deliberately high to act as a deterrent and encourage all students to make payment within a reasonable timescale. Direct Debit payers will not incur this charge so long as the payment is made.
  • Having said that we recognise that there can be genuine difficulties and if you think you will have difficulty in making payment on time we will be sympathetic provided you tell us before the due date.
  • Our approach is felt to be firm, but fair to ensure fairness and consistency towards all students.

It is very important that you have sufficient funds in place to meet your tuition fees and living costs before you start your course. The University has a small amount of hardship funding available to help students who started their studies with a sound financial plan which was compromised by circumstances beyond their control, but it is unable to help students who started their studies with insufficient funds in place to meet their tuition fees and living costs.