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Durham University


Meet Holly

Meet Holly - Our New Digital Assistant

What is Holly?

Holly is a chatbot that uses a knowledge base to answer questions you might have about Durham University. At the moment, Holly can only answer questions about recruitment, admissions and applying to Durham - but we are hoping that in the future Holly will be able to do a lot more!

Where can I find Holly?

At the moment, Holly can only be found on the 'Study' pages of our website (i.e. any webpages that start with The chatbot should appear on the bottom right of your screen - you can click on this button to open up the chat window.

What if Holly can't answer my question?

Whilst Holly knows a lot about Durham, the chatbot doesn't know everything just yet! If a question can't be answered, you can ask Holly to 'raise an enquiry'. Holly will then take your details and your question and one of our specialist (and human) Enquiries Team in Recruitment and Admissions will read your question and get back to you via email.

Will my messages to Holly be read by a human?

In short, maybe. So that we can keep on making Holly understand more questions and be even more helpful, questions will be reviewed on a regular basis by humans to check that information provided is accurate and improve the knowledge base.

Why is Holly called Holly?

Recruitment and Admissions are the first department to use this exciting new technology. When working in the office, they are located in the Holly Wing of our Moutjoy Centre and so named the chatbot after that!

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