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Durham University

University Strategy 2017-2027

The Wider Student Experience

“We are proud that Durham students combine hard work on their degree courses with excellence in sport, music, drama and volunteering. Our Colleges, Durham Students’ Union and Experience Durham combine to produce what we call The Durham Difference. This has long been a strength for Durham University. But we want to do better still. We believe we can build a wider student experience as good as any in the world.”

Our goals

We will:

  • Develop the educational mission of our Colleges;
  • Ensure that Durham University is top in the UK for sport, music and theatre;
  • Ensure that Durham University is top in the UK for volunteering and leadership;
  • Learn from and match best practice in Wider Student Experience around the world.

We are already doing well

  • Our Colleges offer a vibrant, supportive community full of opportunities for our students to gain new experiences, develop skills and achieve more.
  • Our students and staff are active volunteers, giving around 25,000 hours of community support every year.
  • Our rates of participation on student sport are the highest in the UK for both women and men, while Team Durham ensures that we are consistently the number one team sports university in the UK.
  • We have enjoyed more success in music and theatre competitions than any other UK university since 2015.

But there is So Much More to come

By 2027, we will:

  • Develop a Durham Award that will offer all students courses on logical thinking ('the Argument Clinic'), global citizenship and study skills, as well as credits for participation in drama, leadership, music, sport and volunteering.
  • Establish four to six new Colleges in Durham City, in the process ensuring that more than half of our students will live in College accommodation.
  • Build a large-scale, integrated sports park at Maiden Castle, Durham, that will be widely available beyond the University. We will also develop our annual Varsity Match with Loughborough, with some fixtures being played in London.
  • Build a new facility for Durham Students’ Union and work with the Union and Experience Durham to deliver outstanding student services and societies.
  • Fundraise for a new concert and performance hall that will benefit Durham City and the wider region. The new hall will enable our students involved in music and drama to perform at the highest levels within the UK.
So Much More in Research, Education, Wider Student Experience and Global Durham

So Much More in Research, Education, Wider Student Experience and Global Durham

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Durham University aims to be world-leading in research, education and wider student experience, and a truly global university. Find out how Durham University Strategy 2017-2027 will deliver these goals.