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University Strategy 2017-2027

Global Durham

“More than a quarter of our students come from outside the UK and there are 150 nationalities represented among our staff and students. However, we want to do better still. We want Durham to be a globally networked university, recognised around the world as an outstanding place to study and work and a significant contributor to international research and innovation agendas.”

Professor Danny Donoghue, Dean for Internationalisation

Our goals

We will:

  • Deliver a step-change in Durham’s international reputation;
  • Develop and sustain a range of strategic partnerships with peer institutions;
  • Attract the best academic staff from around the world to work at or with Durham;
  • Ensure that more than a third of our students come from outside the UK.

We are already doing well

  • Durham University and its Colleges are home to 4,500 students from outside the UK who are attracted to Durham for its excellence in research, education and the wider student experience.
  • Durham University students benefit from a wide range of opportunities to broaden their horizons, with over 240 student exchange agreements under the Erasmus+ and International Exchange programmes.
  • Durham University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Palace Museum, in Beijing, China, in December 2016, to bring together our two world-renowned centres of research and cultural excellence for the first time.
  • Durham University is a member of the Matariki and Coimbra groups of international and European universities, all of which share a commitment to excellence in research and education.
  • Every year a group of Durham University students spend six weeks in Zambia working with local communities and schools to help social development through sport and drama.

But there is So Much More to come

By 2027, we will:

  • Increase the number and proportion of non-UK students recruited to the University to a minimum of 35% by 2027. In so doing, we will increase the diversity of our student body and enrich the educational and wider student experience.
  • Work with Study Group at Queen’s Campus, Stockton, to build a robust and high value-added International Study Centre (ISC).
  • Internationalise the curricula of Durham University degrees with a view to increasing the employability of Durham students around the world. We will foster a culture of intellectual inquiry that advances respect for others and which more consistently addresses claims of difference.
  • Develop University partnerships with eight to ten peer institutions in North America, Europe and East Asia.
  • Establish a presence in key global cities, starting with London and New York, to enable us to better engage partners, alumni, students, staff and potential funders around the world.
So Much More in Research, Education, Wider Student Experience and Global Durham

So Much More in Research, Education, Wider Student Experience and Global Durham

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Durham University aims to be world-leading in research, education and wider student experience, and a truly global university. Find out how Durham University Strategy 2017-2027 will deliver these goals.