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Dr Sian Waters

Honorary Fellow

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Honorary Fellow in the Department of Anthropology  


I am a practising biosocial conservationist with a BA in Psychology and an M.Phil in Biological Sciences from the University of Wales. My PhD (awarded in 2014) was supervised by Professor Joanna (Jo) Setchell and Professor Sandra Bell. For my research, I collected and analysed ethnographic data to facilitate the development of a long-term conservation project Barbary Macaque Awareness & Conservation in Morocco. I continue to collaborate with Moroccan colleagues, raising awareness among the public to combat the illegal Barbary macaque pet trade and conducting survey work in the Rif Mountains of North Morocco.

My consultancy work focuses on the human dimension of conservation particularly human-wildlife relations, human-wildlife coexistence and I take every opportunity to expand the use of ethnographic data collection and analysis to foster conservation aims.

I am Vice Chair of the IUCN SSC Primate Specialist Group Section on Human-Primate Interactions. I am also a core member of the IUCN Conservation Translocation Group for Human-Wildlife Interactions.

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On-line publication

Waters Siân, Setchell Joanna M., Marechal Laetitia, Oram Felicity, Wallis Janette & Cheyne Susan M. (2021). IUCN Primate Specialist Group Section on Human Primate Interactions Best Practice Guidelines for Responsible Images of Non-Human Primates Available in 23 languages 


Authored book

  • McKinney, T, Waters, S & Rodrigues, M (2023). Primates in Anthropogenic Landscapes: Exploring Primate Behavioural Flexibility Across Human Contexts. Springer.

Chapter in book

  • Waters, S (2023). Dogs, primates and people: A review. In Primates in Anthropogenic Landscapes. McKinney, T, Waters, S & Rodrigues, M Springer. 61-81.
  • Alexander, S & Waters, S (2023). The past, present, and future of the primate pet trade. In Primates in Anthropogenic Landscapes. McKinney, T, Waters, S & Rodrigues, M Springer. 247-266.
  • Maldonado Angela M. & Waters Siân (2020). Ethnoprimatology of the Tikuna in the southern Colombian Amazon. In Neotropical Ethnoprimatology: Indigenous People’s Perceptions of and Interactions with Nonhuman Primates. B. Urbani & M. Lizarralde Springer. 89-107.

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