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Dr Malgorzata Jakimow

Associate Professor in East Asian Politics

Associate Professor in East Asian Politics in the School of Government and International Affairs+44 (0) 191 33 47206


Gosia Jakimów is an assistant professor in East Asian Politics at School of Government and International Affairs, Durham University. She joined the SGIA department in 2018 after holding a lecturer post at University of Sheffield. She was awarded her PhD in 2015 from University of Manchester. Her PhD thesis concerned the question of citizenship, civil society and labour in China and was based on ethnographic fieldwork in China conducted among migrant worker NGOs, international NGOs as well as international organisations, such as UNDP and EU. Subsequently she has published several research papers and book chapters concerning labour NGOs, critical citizenship theory, transnational civil society, urban exclusion and political economy of labour in China. Her monograph China's Citizenship Challenge: Labour NGOs and the struggle for migrant rights was published in 2021 with Manchester University Press.

Since then she has focused her research on EU-China relations. She has published articles and book chapters concerning normative element of EU-China relations, the role of Belt and Road Initiative in the normative changes in Central-Eastern Europe and the role of populism in the shaping of European states' foreign policy towards China. Her most recent research project concerns the nexus between decarbonisation and security in EU-China relations, comparative studies of EU and China legislation related to green technologies, the politics of derisking and deglobalisation, as well as theorisation of the role of circular economy in global value chains. 

Gosia Jakimów has been an Horizon-funded Visiting Fellow in 2014 at the School of Government, Peking University, China and a Polish Ministry of Education-funded Visiting Researcher in 2022 at University of Łódź, Poland. Since 2022 she has served as an official of the European Commission, Directorate-General Joint Research Centre, where she delivered a research project concerning mitigation of European import dependencies in the strategic value chains. Her experience of working closely with high-level policymakers as well as NGO sector combined with over 10 years academic experience gives her research and teaching a unique blend of policy-orientation and theoretical depth. 

Dr Jakimów invites prospective PhD students to contact her if they wish to conduct research in one or more of the research interests’ areas listed below.

Research interests

  • EU-China relations
  • Chinese domestic politics
  • Citizenship Studies:
  • Citizenship, civil society and social movements in China;
  • Internal migration in China;
  • Critical theories of citizenship;
  • Transnational civil society
  • China’s Political Economy:
  • Belt and Road Initiative,
  • Labour relations,
  • Political Economy of Development,
  • China’s green transition
  • International Political Economy:
  • Circular Economy,
  • Global Value Chains,
  • EU’s Green Transition,
  • Securitisation of Trade,
  • Decarbonisation and Security nexus
  • Normative Power and Norms-Diffusion in IR
  • Populism in Foreign Policy


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