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Jack Coopey

PhD Research

PhD Research in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures 


As a PhD German Studies candidate at Durham University, my doctoral work concerns the Concept of Totality: Visions of the Whole in the Work of Fredric Jameson (2016--). I read English Literature and History at the University of Leicester (2012-2015). I worked with Ian Harris on an dissertation on Locke and the State of Nature which consolidated my interests in philosophy of history and literature. After my bachelor, I undertook a Masters of Letters in Intellectual History at the University of St Andrews (2015-2016) working with Caroline Humfress on essays concerning Derrida, Badiou's and Nietzsche's Saint Paul, and a masters thesis on Foucault in the College de France lectures.

PhD Thesis (2016--) -- The Concept of Totality: Visions of the Whole in the Work of Fredric Jameson

Teaching Assistant (2019-2020) in European Philosophy, Kantian and Post-Kantian Philosophy,

(Kant, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Lacan, Zizek)

Philosophical Traditions, Philosophy Department, (Analytic philosophy and method, Logic,Continental Philosophy, Feminist and Post-colonial philosophy) University of Durham

Modern Philosophy I, Descartes on substance, Locke on perception, Leibniz on metaphysics and free will, Berkeley’s idealism, Spinoza's metaphysics, Hume on causation and religion, Women and early modern philosophy

Digital Studies Network | Real Smart Cities Network | Centre for Cultural Ecologies

Research interests

  • Intellectual History, History of Philosophy, Political Philosophy, History of Political Thought, Enlightenment Studies, Poststructuralism


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