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I have recently completed my PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science working on Association Schemes and Coding Theory. 

I recieved my MSc in Mathematical Sciences at Durham University in December 2019 and my BSc in Mathematics at Leeds University in June 2018.

My research interests include coding theory, combinatorics and algebras and how they all connect. My PhD thesis entitled "The MacWilliams Identity for Krawtchouk Association Schemes" takes the well known MacWilliams Identity and applies to other association schemes which is a tool for evaluating the effectiveness of new codes. 

Outside of research, I am a director of the Durham Regatta company and I sit on the admin committee as company secretary. I am also Vice-Captain at Tyne Amateur Rowing Club where I organise all the rowing race events that the club hosts on the River Tyne, such as BUCS Head, Rutherford Head and Tyne Regatta.

Research interests
  • Error-Correcting Codes
  • Association Schemes
  • Combinatorics & Algebras

Journal Article

  • Friedlander. I, Bouganis. T, Gadouleau. M, (2023) The MacWilliams Identity for the Skew Rank Metric. Advances in Mathematics of Communications. doi: 10.3934/amc.2023045