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Francis Salter

Member of the Department of Music


Bernard Salter reached the age of retirement (65) in 2010 and looked for various ways to keep his brain active. He was a boy chorister at Chester Cathedral and was subsequently educated at the King’s School Chester and St John’s College Cambridge, before spending 22 years in the ministry of the Church of England. From 1976 he was vicar of a church in Smethwick, resigning in 1990. His last two jobs were (a) with the charity now known as Agewell and (b) as a keyboard teacher with Birmingham Schools Music Service. Before applying to Durham he completed an MA at Bangor University in Sacred Music Studies. Throughout his life his twin interests have been in

Music and Theology, so the Music-Theology work of Bennett Zon suits those interests exactly. His current research looks at the way a small sample of informants respond to plainchant, either as performers or as listeners, both in religious and secular contexts.

Research interests

  • Music & Spirituality
  • The Reception of Plainchant