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Miss Alice-Amber Keegan

Research Associate

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Research Associate in the Department of Anthropology  


I currently manage Durham Infancy and Sleep Centre alongside completing a PhD funded by Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). My research is looking at the influence of sleep location on parental caregiving in the immediate postnatal period and breastfeeding outcomes. I joined the Durham University Parent-Infant Sleep Lab team in 2015 studying a Master’s by research under the supervision of Professor Helen Ball. I conducted my MSc research in the parent-infant sleep lab looking at the efficacy of providing an infant safer sleep box compared to a standalone cot in the same room on reducing the occurrence of modifiable risk factors associated with SIDS whilst bed-sharing.

Research interests

  • Midwifery and Postnatal Care
  • Evolutionary medicine
  • Public Health
  • Human behaviour: parenting, infant care, infant mortality, SIDS, infanticide
  • Infant Sleep