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Durham University

St Cuthbert's Society

Junior Common Room (JCR)

The Junior Common Room, or JCR, is the student body of St Cuthbert's Society, which includes all undergraduates and postgraduates. It is led by the JCR President who is elected by the students each year, and is responsible for representing the views of Cuth's students and the day to day running of the JCR with the support of the JCR Executive Committee, who are also elected by student vote.

We have over 1400 JCR members, and every member is welcome to participate in all of our activities and run for election for any position of the JCR. You could help to run our social events, get involved with student welfare, lead a sporting team or even look after the JCR finances. As well as making you more connected with the Society during your time at Cuth's, this is also a fantastic opportunity to take on an important leadership role and develop impressive skills for your CV.

The JCR supports a wide variety of sports teams and societies (see right), all eligible to receive funding from the JCR, which is allocated as per our financial guidelines and approved at a JCR meeting. The JCR also maintains our gyms, computer rooms, and PA / disco equipment, amongst other things.

Above all, the JCR ensures that students at Cuth's reside in a vibrant and supportive community where individuals can flourish in extra curricular activities alongside their academic work.