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Alumni Weekend 2018: Celebrating 125 Years of St Cuthbert's Society Boat Club

Thanks to everyone who returned to Durham for the Alumni Weekend this year, which celebrated the 125th Anniversary of St Cuthbert's Society Boat Club. Around 90 alumni from across the generations, rowers and non-rowers alike, came together for a wonderful weekend of good company and good cheer, old friends and new faces.

Thanks to Jessica Wang for the photos.

St Cuthbert's Society Boat Club 125th Anniversary Appeal

The Boat Club have launched their 125th Anniversary Appeal. Find out more information about the Appeal and how you can help here. Follow their Facebook page to check out their progress!

Who joined?

Jennie Astley (Mathematics, 2017)

Henry Blackshaw (Archaeology, 1988)

David Burnell (Chemistry/Biological Sciences, 2010/2015)

Siby Bryne (Modern Languages, 2018)

James Byatt (Geography, 1988)

Hannah Campbell

Jonathon Carr-Brown (Politics, 1993)

Ian Carter (Zoology, 1982)

Ruth Charles (Community and Youth Work, 2007)

Laura Coghlan (Modern Languages, 2009)

Simon Cole (English, 1988)

Ian Deans (Zoology, 1967)

Barry Fildes (English, 1970)

Michael Foulkes (French and German)

Rachel Frampton (English, 1987)

Jed Gargan (Education, 1991)

Matt Glover (2008)

Sarah Gosling (Biology, 2018)

Chris Grabham (English, 1971)

Colin Griffiths (Geography, 1992)

Elaine Grundy (History, 1989)

John Hamilton (Chemistry, 1959)

John Hawcroft (French, 1966)

Albert Hodgson (Geology, 1956)

Germaine Holmes (Combined Arts, 2001)

Tom Hunt (Mathematics, 1992)

Patrick Hurley (Natural Sciences, 1987)

Nick Jackson (Archaeology, 1989)

Frank Jeffrey (French, 1967)

Chloe Jeffries (Natural Sciences, 2016)

Keith Jones (General Arts, 1967)

Andrew Keen (Politics and Economics, 1970)

Barbara Keen (Geography, 1972)

Patrick Kiely (Chemistry/Geology, 1959/60)

Kim Künzler (Politics, 2007)

Brian Macdonald (Geography 1973; PGCE 1974)

Hugh Mackworth-Praed (Engineering, 1994)

Aidan Marfleet (Archaeology, 2016)

Andy Masters (Maths, 1992)

Rob Morgan (Politics, 1993)

Alexandra Nicholas

Luke Park (Physics)

Anthony Peabody (Botany, 1965)

Richard Peralta (2005)

Matt Peterson (Geography, 1996)

Derrick Phillips (Classics, 1959)

Alex Ralfs (Engineering, 2017)

Mark Rowland (Politics and Economics, 1968)

Tabitha Serle (Geography, 2016)

Melvyn Shiels (Geography, 1967)

Peter Sibley (Geography, 1958)

Robert Sinclair (Chemistry, 2017)

Alistair Stewart (Geology, 2016)

Julian Tanner (Chemistry, 1985)

Daniel Thomlinson (Physics, 1986)

Nick Thornton (Geography, 1992)

James Vigne (Biology, 1992)

Honor Webb (History)

Anthony Wells (History, BA 1965; MA 1969)

Vicky Welsh (English and Philosophy, 1989)

J-L Wilkinson (Engineering, 2015)

Petrina Witt (Engineering, 2018)

Sally Yorke (Psychology, 2007)