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Welcome to St Cuthbert's Society

Congratulations and Welcome from the Principal

Welcome to St Cuthbert’s Society, and congratulations on getting a place at Durham University. I hope the years you spend in this diverse and lively community will be very stimulating and happy ones. They will certainly be enormously important in shaping the rest of your life – interests, skills, jobs, and friends. I’m sure that you will find everyone in Cuth’s very welcoming, not least the Freshers’ Reps, older students who will look after you in your first week here with a series of informative and entertaining activities. They are all members of the student body called the Junior Common Room (JCR), as you will be too.

The JCR supports and encourages a vast range of student societies and organizations in the college including many sports teams, a drama group, an art society, a choir, and a wonderful Big Band. Cuth’s also organizes many intellectual events open to all: interdisciplinary symposia, talks by our own students and staff on their scholarly research, and lectures by distinguished visitors. I am certain that you will find much here to enjoy, and much to learn. The College Officers, staff and welfare team will provide the support you need to make the most of your undergraduate years and to enjoy Durham to the full.

Elizabeth Archibald
Professor of English and Principal of St Cuthbert's Society

Welcome from the JCR President

I’m Amy and I’ll be your Junior Common Room President for the coming year. Having graduated with a degree in Maths, I’m now staying on for an extra year with the task of running Cuth’s JCR. This means you'll see me a lot this year, so please do say hello and have a chat! JCR stands for Junior Common Rooom. Put simply, the JCR organizes the extra-curricular side of your University life: it is the student body of Cuth's which organises social events, sports teams and societies, a student-run welfare service and a variety of committees to ensure you are represented in the best possible way. We also own, manage and financially maintain facilities for students. Finally, we feed back to the University and Durham Students' Union regarding any suggestions you have to improve the student experience at Durham and Cuth's.

Everything the JCR does is run by students, so there are loads of opportunities to get involved, including voting in elections, playing in sports teams and societies and participating in committees. You could also run in an election for a JCR position, or volunteer to work in the Library – the choices are endless! Getting involved is incredibly rewarding and looks great on your CV, so I’d recommend taking part in whichever area(s) you’re interested in.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the JCR and what we can do for you. Make sure you have a look at our website too (www.cuths.com)!

Amy Kuner

JCR President 2018-2019


On the left hand side of this page, there are links to the tasks you should complete to ensure you are prepared to come to Durham, and also a list of the events that will be taking place in the first week that you are here. If you have any questions about these, please get in touch with us at cuthberts.reception@durham.ac.uk, on 0191 334 3400, or via Amy's email address above. We look forward to welcoming you here soon!