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Durham University

St Cuthbert's Society

Cuth's Junior Common Room (JCR)

What is the JCR?

The JCR is the Junior Common Room, which is comprised of the student body of Cuth’s, and is run by Cuth’s students. 98% of all Cuth’s students are JCR members, with the JCR running an array of sports and societies, facilities including computer rooms, gyms, and the music room, as well as putting on various social events throughout the year, including black tie events. Additionally, the JCR provides student welfare support, volunteering opportunities, and gives you a voice on a higher platform.

On top of all the facilities, teams, opportunities and events the JCR organises and runs, the JCR represents Cuth’s students on a higher level within the university. This means that the JCR feeds back to the University and Durham Student’s Union through the JCR Executive Committee. Because of this, you get to shape your university experience and help lead the way for others.

Run by You

All of this is run by student committee members, and so there is a chance for you to get involved on any level. Getting involved with the JCR in any capacity is incredibly rewarding, as well as fun. There will be something to suit everyone, so you can leave an impact on Cuth’s, as well as having something great to put on your CV, and most importantly, enjoying yourself.

We are a democratic body where decisions are made by all interested members of the JCR, through our regular meetings. This means your opinions really do matter. If you have any questions about anything to do with life in Cuth’s JCR, please feel free to email the President, Elena, at

The JCR is different from college – the JCR is an independent charity dedicated to student experience that works with the college. Members of the JCR have access to all that has been previously mentioned, which you can read about in more detail here.

Sports and Societies

The JCR runs over 30 sports and societies, from football, to mixed lacrosse, to art society, all the way to karaoke club. If you find that you want to start a new society yourself, or start a new sports team, you only need to find 14 other students who are interested, and the JCR will give your society funding to get started, and then to keep it running! If you’re interested in a particular sport/society, or just want to know more about what we have to offer, please email our Sports and Socs Chair, Adam, at The JCR also has a Participation Fund, which can be used to support members of the JCR to take part in sports and societies and other activities. Keep an eye out for further information at the start of term.


You can follow these links to see videos from Cuth’s Day and Cuth’s Summer Ball last year, which are organised and run completely by the JCR social committee. Each year the JCR puts on two black tie balls, one in Michaelmas term, and one in Summer term, as well Cuth’s Day, and the Feast of St Cuthbert.

Not only are they incredibly fun to attend, they can be just as rewarding to work towards, through joining social committee. If you have any questions about our events or how to get involved, email our Social Chair, Maddy, at


Almost all of our facilities, including the study room, conference room, computer rooms, weights gym and cardio gym are only for use by JCR members. We also have the Cuth’s JCR library, the only entirely student run library within the university, so there are plenty of roles available as student librarians. If you are interested in what facilities we have to offer, please feel free to contact our Facilities Manager, Jack, at Additionally, if you are interested in the workings of the library, and what that has to offer, please email our librarian, Ania, at

JCR Meetings

As the JCR is a democratic body, we have regular meetings to elect new committee members, propose new motions, or discuss our views as a JCR, when voting on larger university issues. Please feel free to email our JCR chair, Saskia, at if you are interested in how the JCR works.


Throughout the year our student welfare officers will run weekly drop in sessions so that students can talk to their peers about anything that is troubling them. The wider welfare team also run campaigns throughout the year, raising awareness for all kinds of issues, including mental health, self-care, and equality issues. The welfare team also provides free contraceptives and pregnancy tests on request, so that all students within Cuth’s can remain safe.


The JCR also provides a number of volunteering opportunities for Cuth’s students, including a drama outreach project with a local school. It also raises funds for several charities through pub quizzes, supporting external charities like SolidariTee, charity sports matches, and selling the work of Art Society. Our Outreach Officer, Sammy, will be able to answer any questions you have about our volunteering programmes, by dropping her an email at

The JCR Exec

Through all of this, our Executive Committee is here to help. Comprised of the people mentioned above, and a few others, they ensure that your time in Cuth’s is as valuable as it can be. Our other exec members are James, our Vice President (, Rishi, our Finance and Compliance Officer (, Caitlin, our Communications Officer (, and Eduardo, our International Rep ( Feel free to drop them a line too, as they would love to answer any of your questions.

How to Join

All undergraduate JCR members pay a one-time levy of £160.50, which gives them access to everything the JCR has to offer. Postgraduate JCR members pay £53.50 per year that they are a member of the JCR. JCR membership is on an 'opt out' basis, which means that unless you actively opt out of membership, then it will be assumed that you wish to be a member. You can sign up for your JCR membership or opt out by using the link in the last step of the arrival checklist.